Bump Update #32 weeks

This pregnancy came as quite the brazen surprise just 5 months after the arrival of my first little boy, Landon Joe. However much of a surprise it’s arrival; the inconvenient timing of a wedding just a mere few weeks after this little sprogs supposed due date, (luckily one of those elective cesarean diva’s so I’ll be having a pre-planned date) I have remained positive and brushed off any comments about the “difficulty” of the task of having a 14/15 month old and a newborn baby. In other, less polite terms. Do one. Not once after the birth of my eldest did I say “oohh I just need some help”, “please babysit for me loads”, “needed my rest”. In fact my son hasn’t slept over anywhere overnight. Probably much to my own avail, I’m not sure i could handle the thought of him being away from me. But however you raise your children it should be without judgement and furtive commentary. I’m quite glad about the gap. 🙂 means I’ll have two lovely boys who are close in age and can play nicely, however I kept nothing from my first, so if I thought I could get off lightly! I was very wrong on recycling terms.

I’ve had another growth scan and appointments this week.

This time round I think we’ve been a little more private. Our own family members don’t know the new ones name. We do. Ha ha ha ha. You’ll just have to wait. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to share the gender with people. In fact this time I’ve become quite protective of my little fetal monster I don’t want to share, be touched or have to elaborate on the details of his growth and well being. He’s mine?! (Yummy mummy turned angry crazy mummy)

Here’s a bare belly shot and a clothing shot (always makes the bump look bigger) and I’m still stretch mark free! Yey! Of course I’ll have finished writing my blog post and for saying I have none a punitive bout of stripes will appear. Just 6 and a half weeks to go for us! Need some tips for bringing on labour so we can go earlier! Haha! (Queue more punitive stripes….)





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