Meeting Baby Jake <3

Yesterday! I had the great pleasure of meeting one of my best friends little babies! A year ago she would tell you she didn’t like babies, would have preferred a puppy and that nappies and sick were just “retch” haha! Queue yesterday, she was emitting this glimmering glow only a new mother could sat with newborn in tow. I could take in the sight and burst over. It was beautiful. How much this had changed my friend and how wonderful the scene looked.

Gorgeous little baby Jake Hicken was born on Monday the 8th April at 9lbs 6oz! And I have fallen in love. His little mop of dark hair and squidgey tum and little long toes like his mummy!

Even my little one seemed complacent, a hopeful forewarning of his relationship with his brother we can hope. In fact he mostly just ignored me and baby jake.

Needless to say I can’t wait to pack her boyfriend off to work and go on lovely days out with my friend, turned maternity bud! 🙂

And in fact now I just can’t wait to see him AGAIN… Xxxxx



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