Squiggles and Giggles!

Today, on my quest to try out new experiences with my little…. Toddler (bear with me it hurts, the transition of calling him a toddler rather than a baby is quintessentially heartbreaking!!) we went to something fabulous!

In essence squiggles and giggles is an award winning (net mums winner) sensory/messy play group. Contradictory to this unembellished description of the group, it is so much more than that! It’s a fantastic facility, the group encompasses both the needs of inquisitive little minds in their own child centric play adventures and the opportunity for parents not to worry about their children running amock making a mess.

Today we joined the 15-24 month group, as my sons been walking since 9 months and is more than a little over-confident and boisterous and a typical “lad” he would fit in much better here! In reality he was more outgoing than some of the eldest children there! Mad! 33 weeks pregnant and I have that to contend with!

The activities there were phenomenal, so much mess I was living in fear of my life and my clothes, whilst I had packed spares and let Landon wear clothes I didn’t much care for I was still in my Farhi cashmere sweater and a pair of jeans that were comfortable enough not to want paint all over! Somehow they survived, daddy managed to get green paint all over his Manchester United hoodie, ha ha ha serves him right for wearing such a horrid teams apparel.

There was painting and drawing and sand play and squidgy wet balls of goo and rice and glitter and boxes and fabrics and a complete plethora of things which appealed wonderfully to my little boy.

Each session is based on a different theme, I promptly re-booked as even usually incredibly complacent and laid back daddy was impressed with the creative play, like a little serotonin boost to us all we left smiling and happy and tired! SCORE.

Details can be found at:
Squiggles and Giggles CIC

Whilst usually I fret and don’t like mess on my hands I could deal with this seeing how happy he was and luckily he didn’t want anything to do with any of the messier activities! Again! Score! Another bonus for mum! I fully encourage all mummies to find a sensory/messy play group for their child!

Collection of snaps below:























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