Mum-to-be Bounty pack!

Today I thought I’d cash in my bounty voucher for the free mum to be pack.
The pack is available to all mums to be from the 28th pack. Vouchers come from the midwife or hospital.

Inside is supposed to be a wealth of baby goodies for mum to get excited over. Ideally it’s to boost the economy and persuade mums to buy into certain products like the top consumers were expected to be!

Here’s a few pics of what the pack contained this time around!




The pack came with:
A free hooded bath towel
2 sachets of persil detergent
2 sachets of comfort fabric softener
2 Ariel detergent tablets
A full size simple moisturiser
A small sample of sudocrem
A sachet of ovaltine hot beverage

And a bunch of promotional leaflets. The products that were free were great, after all they were free and the pack was picked up at my local supermarket so there was no loss on me having to go get one.

In all, the freebies were quite good considering they were indeed free. Can’t complain about them.

The leaflets however were a bit of a waste of paper.

Another plus was that the bounty pack came with a great product guide! Despite this being my second baby and I already know what I like in most products there were some reviews of breast pumps! Which, not breastfeeding last time around I wouldn’t have a great insight to, so the guide was really informative.

Can’t complain with my bounty pack. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Mum-to-be Bounty pack!

  1. Freebies are great! Plus breast pumps are something I think you need to do some research on! It took me ages to choose one, finally decided on the Philips Avent Comfort Electric…love to hear some feedback on what you choose. x

    • I feel like it’s THE LEAST a pregnant woman deserves!!!! Haha! 🙂 I haven’t selected one yet I’m a tad scared and very bewildered there’s so many reviews and adverse reviews! This could be an interesting choice!! But I’ll need a double just due to time saving with having a 13 month old Aswell x

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