Nesting? No just a shopaholic

As if in some sort of lewd preparation for the babies arrival I took my son Landon out on a gorgeous little mummy baby date (not that every day isn’t a lovely mummy baby date, but mummy’s spirits were certainly higher than usual based on the shopping I managed)

Summer’s arrival is imminent? Ha! Of course not it’s England, I’m accepting the 11 degrees my car registered today as maybe the hottest it’s going to get and ran straight to the store to but outdoor toys for the kiddos.

I found a fab swing suitable for babies toddlers and then older children with two different seat types. That was by “plum” . I haven’t gotten it up yet, that’s tomorrows task however here’s a pic of how it’s meant to look and the packaging πŸ™‚



We then found a Keter playhouse, for me a plastic one is only going to be a temporary solution as they outgrow them so quickly then we can get a bespoke wooden one πŸ™‚ I have built this one! Whilst the plastic frame is a tad thin it’ll do the job for the short summer we ever get! And even better it was so simple to put together! No tools required!



The two other outdoor toys we got today are just Tesco specials! A bouncy castle and a sand and water play table.

Again the bouncy castle we haven’t set up but the sand and water table went down well next to his little playhouse.




As if the shopping ended there? To my partners dismay it did not! I love Carters for baby clothing! It’s such a shame it’s not more widespread in the UK! I thought I would just order a few essentials or else we could end up with a whole lot of carters baby things! So i only got two packs of baby grows for 0-3 months. I love the designs and they’re so generous with the sizes lengthways but still so snuggly fitting for the tum!






The fabrics are so easily washed, and I almost don’t want to put clothes on top of the vests they’re so cute! Well worth whatever they may cost, luckily for us they’re exceptionally reasonably priced!

Then, in keeping with the “summer is coming, or so were hoping theme” we got a few t-shirts from Mothercare . Perfect for our holidays even if there’s no sun in England. These amazed me, fabrics were a good quality cotton with brill printed designs for TWO POUND FIFTY EACH!!! Nothing is better value than that! So both boys got some of the t-shirts…..



We love books so whilst we were in tesco we bought a book to read around the shops and checked out their own brand Florence and Fred baby clothing. They had this super cute Disney Pixar sleep suit perfect for new baby!



Next stop was Mamas and Papas of course we needed more newborn clothes? No! Potentially could stock a whole store with newborn. But couldn’t resist this little newborn gem anyway!


Asda and Nextalso treat us to some excellent quality clothes πŸ™‚ a baby romper from George at Asda for only Β£6.00 and a little softest Cotton top from next was also Β£6.00! Bargains



As if we hasn’t scored enough bargains we found an amazing baby record book from Marks and Spencer. Reduced to Β£4.00. Anyone who could refuse that needs medical help!!! So unlike most descriptions and online stored I’ll show you insert pages!! It’s always so hard to order when you can’t see the inside pages.








The perfect mix between photo pages, inserts to collect little keepsakes and pages to write all about your little ones! Well advised to buy a Marks and Spencer’s baby record book!

Since the kids had been spoilt it was definitely mums turn to be spoiled. So I bought myself some Fekkai conditioner πŸ™‚ pricey at Β£32.00 for a 473ml bottle but the things it does to my hair are unbelievable!!! I refuse to use many other brands (redken and kerastase are the exceptions) my favourite one is this olive oil enriched formula one!


Then I thought, ooohh he’ll let’s be whimsical! Lets buy a useless Jamie Oliver mini muffin cake stand it was cute and reduced πŸ™‚ everyone loves mini things!!


Hope everyone has had a wonderful Monday! πŸ™‚ well and truly nested buying a few little bits now. That’s my excuse anyway!!



2 thoughts on “Nesting? No just a shopaholic

  1. I LOVE Carter’s too, and have to do an order from America every now and then for loads to make the shipping worth it, wish they were in the UK their stuff is so unusual and cute! L x

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