14 Months and TROUBLE

Fast approaching the official 14 month mark my little boy, I have accepted he is not longer a baby, but has achieved his fully fledged toddler wings! *TEARS*. Is sharp becoming too clever, too fast and far too dexterous for me! He’s quick, so quick i’m not sure if our ancestors were monkeys or secret ninjas?

I’m not sure i’ve met a toddler quite so young be such, not that I want to call him a handful, lets call him a burning fire of mischievous energy?

I think it’s safe to say he has found his voice, in his list of actually comprehendible vocabulary we have these words:

-Mama, mama, ma, (Sometimes shouted, often cried, or whimpered and now growled?)

-Dada, da (Most often used to annoy mummy, or sounded out like one long noise- DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA)

-Quack (Standard animal noise, he hasn’t realised ducks in the river aren’t yellow, so real ducks apparently don’t make this noise to him)





-nanna/nonna ( to his beloved grandmother ๐Ÿ™‚ )

-Tar (For thanks)

-Star (a game we play pointing out things on his wallpaper border)

These are the words I have heard him say with meaning, however his language development is booming, perhaps its my own fault for being such a chatterbox, but he really really likes to come out with these full blown sentences of total utter gibberish! Sometimes if he’s being given wrong he will turn around, point his finger and scream these sentences of gibberish hatred putting my in my place! Im not sure who he thinks understands his full sentences of nonsense, but he’s learning to use his voice, and of course, one must encourage that in any manner ( ugh, he could be a bit less vocal about some things though)


Stair climbing began shortly after crawling, crawling began at 5 months and was perfected by 6 months. 7 months saw the little monkey/ninja hybrid climb a few stairs with expert confidence. 8 months saw him scale the top, and 9 months saw him discover how to come down them backwards safely. Much to my avail, now, it takes him less than one minute to get to the top of the stairs and RUN because he knows I am coming chasing after him whether he likes it or not. (Followed by murderous screams for thinking i’m allowed to tell him what to do). Now he is trying to come down forwards, upright, on just two feet holding onto the rails. I literally have a stuntman in the making, and a definite cardiac condition forming for myself. I can see me not making it to 30 without having some sort of coronary attack.

Soft plays are my child’s terrain, he thinks its funny to make me run after him, up ramps, platforms, through turny columns intended for non pregnant women, most likely just for children in all honestly. He likes to make me terrified by launching himself down the longest slides he can find at soft play and instead of coming out blissed that I have escaped running around at home with him, I come away exhausted having ran multiple assault courses feeling like i’ve completed a gym session with an army style trainer.

He’s cute when he refuses things, shakes his head and goes all squinty eyed mouthing, no no no. I can’t fault him for doing things with a certain pizzaz and charm!

He waves like he’s royalty, I’m almost certain i don’t do this, his own superiority complex is to blame for that one, not my own.

There is no need to worry about cognitive or gross motor skills where my little one is concerned, as far as i am concerned he’s doing everything way too quickly and there is no way i can possibly keep up with him.

He’s eating three meals a day, a few snacks and only having one bottle for bedtime! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ll let him keep it as a bottle and not a beaker for a while longer, it comforts him, and he’s getting lots of back teeth, that’s got to be respected and its not harming him as he has none through the day.

Teeth brushing is a major challenge! we have to brush mummies and daddies and then we can have a little go of his, but its not great and its something we’re working on every day.

Month 14 is going to see the arrival of his little brother! So heavens knows what kind of adventure that is going to present us with! ๐Ÿ™‚

Looking forward to it indeed.






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