Squiggles and Giggles:Dinosaur Edition

True to my obsession for all great things toddler and baby I’m going to rave about our session again from today and Squiggles and Giggles

As you might have read previously each week has a different theme that the creative play is based upon. This week was dinosaurs! We attend the sessions for 15-24 months and my little guy is potentially the youngest in there, but due to him walking at 9 months and his crazy over zealous personality he fits in perfectly! In fact he’s probably the naughtiest liveliest thing there much to he avail of anyone who is going to go near him after time with the paint!!

🙂 loved my session, the groups really lovely. I still feel this is one of the only places he can run around happily in and not be reprimanded for his behaviour. Child centric play is definitely the way forward, in controlled safe environments.

Today’s session included a treasure basket area, boxes and hiding places, crunchy sensory boxes with foliage and dump habitat feeling materials!, painting, a creation station decorating our own dinosaurs and messy dino sand and water play as well as a play doh section with plenty goop! Lots to go at!

Today we had weather nice enough to go outside!!! They have fab all in one overalls and there was plenty to do outside with various apparatus and water tables and sandy muddy boxes to dig in!

Here’s some pics from our time there! :













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