Little mans last solo sibling adventure

As the countdown is on until little man becomes a big brother (we’re now 36 weeks pregnant). The sun doesn’t make an appearance every day in this unpredictable country! We decided it would be a perfect day to hit our local petting zoo/farm.

Turns out the place is just so much more! Whitehouse Farm had so many different things to do. There was obviously farm animals, domestic animals, pets, larger farm animals, birds of prey! Tropical animals and creepies, there was reindeer! And wallabies and meerkats and deer and horses and donkeys. So many animals! Turns out I have some sort of creepy fear where farm animals are concerned, having lived in Africa I thought I must be going mad! Fluffy chicks and baby goats and baby lambs and I wouldn’t pet them!

My 14 month old son had more confidence, actually far too much confidence he was laughing at the baby goats nibble (gum) on his finger tips and thought they were giving him a paw like dogs he knows.

At the centre there was also an all inclusive outdoor huge! Play area! A soft play, a cafe, a go kart area, trampolines, different daily shows with the animals, feeding the animals and bottle feeding the babies. We could have spent all day there!

Landon thoroughly enjoyed himself!!
















His OOTD was some ted baker sweatpants, Hunter infant wellies, a joules t-shirt and a Ralph Lauren coat. Countried out 🙂

Since he was so well behaved we went shopping after and got him a little outfit from Marks and Spencer. I love their baby clothes! The prices are great value, the quality is excellent and I find the sizes spot on!

This is what we got him:




I was dead impressed with how cute this is going to look on! And the whole outfit for £17.00 at that quality is going to challenge many brands of the same level.

We had a fantastic day and fortunately the sun stayed out for us!



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