Pinterest loving! :)

I am a sucker for a good pinterest stalk, I have both the phone app and regularly surf on my laptop. But its a vicious cycle, you can never ever just had a ten minute look, no, you will be sat glued to the screen pinning away for hours and hours!

So I thought perhaps i would bring some of my favourite PINS of the week to my blog and at least share some of the love this evening!

1. Beyond Play Website: This is an amazing site, even if you don’t have access to american shipping methods like my lucky self, you can at least see if the products are sold in your home countries and if other likewise products exist! It’s a site totally STACKED with ideas outside the normal realms of aimless play, there are a ton of sections for different kinds of educational play focused on different skill sets, eg, fine motor, gross motor, sensory play, literacy. From what I can see here there’s a range from babies, toddlers to younger and older children to learn ”BEYOND PLAY” well worth a visit.

2. Baby Food Recipes: There are a ton of different ideas out there for baby food, we bought a few books to try some out, but there are a great deal of resources available online for free, and there are a ton more than just the one site i found from Pinterest, this one seems to be well organised with categories split by age for feeding ideas! Saves searching  load of pages just to find a few when this website has them all in one.

It also has advice on what is safe, nutritional tips, food diary templates, food chart examples for each age group, breastfeeding support etc.

3. Newborn First Day Pictures: This page couldn’t be more relevant for me if I tried right now! It’s just so easy to get carried away and not do a load of things you really wanted to by being so excited, however this time around I am prepared! I will not miss a million chances and opportunities! I just had to share, but beware you will get broody all over again!

4. Handy Tooth Guide: Visual representation of when a baby’s teeth will come in and in what order! First time parenting essential! Helps you gauge why your baby may be in pain and where to look/feel to check if you are concerned they may be teething!

5. Rash Guide for Babies and Children: Ok, so who remembers it? First rash, first illness? The constant checking of the temperature, worrying, texting your own mom to verify any concerns, It’s not easy seeing your child ill, and the last thing you want to do is run to a practitioner if you aren’t really sure the severity of an illness ( of course a gp or healthcare professional is an excellent first port of call, it can be handy those first few times to not only trust your instinct but where a rash is concerned be aware of the facts so not to overworry oneself if medical attention isn’t immediately available.



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