Squiggles and Giggles Meets the UGLY BUGS

We love a good rave about Squiggles and Giggles from our weekly appearances.

This week’s theme for creative play was UGLY BUGS. And man, it was a little boys heaven!!!

Not only was there a great deal of activities for the children there was a guest appearance from Popolo Ceramics, who make a fantastic array of personalised ceramic goods incorporating your child’s foot and handprints. Of course would have been fabulous to do as it’s father’s day coming up soon( English Mothers Day is in March) , except that daddy was with us today as he was on late shift! And he has to admit it’s lovely for him to be able to experience a playgroup with his little boy as opposed to if he worked the same shift every week.

In addition to the ceramics lady today there was a leaflet for a baby first aid course by Baby Butterfly who are based in North Tyneside and have both first aid, baby massage and baby music classes. And baby first aid is something I really will be interested in taking part in and it’s a pre-requisite for applying for teaching jobs when I finish my degree anyway! Bonus.

If you are in the area and are interested in their courses please make sure you quote that you received the information from ”Squiggles and Giggles”.

So, anyways, chattering away, more to the point, the ugly bugs! (Of course the ramblings of the blog are very similar to what happens at these baby and toddler groups, the mummies get carried away chatting! 🙂 and there is one little girl called Ruby who Landon adores, which is fab because her mummy is lovely which makes for perfect mummy procrastination, and keeps me away from the paint!!- fabulous for babies but not so fun for squeamish mummies)

There was a fab SWAMP today, green slimy sensory heaven for toddlers with moss and bits and goop and green things, totally yummy, and most the kids tried to drink or get in it aswell, Landon of course made a mess, and splashed everyone, namely the little girls who were playing so lovely!

The make table was lovely lady bugs today where they could paints and decorate their own lady bugs with all sorts of paper and pipe cleaners and paint and pens and glitter. A more glam side to the ugly bugs theme.

There was the painting wall where they could paint large bugs with fly swatters, or brushes! lovely and messy, and mummies least favourite area, SPOIL SPORT MUMMY.

There was chalk and treasure baskets and clay and outdoor play and a wig wam!

Oodles of fun! 🙂 Can’t wait for next week, always one of our fave parts of the week.




























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