All the reasons mums are better than superheroes

As it’s mothers day the world over, not here in England ours is in March i thought i’d write a little on the enigma of a mother.

The power of a mother amazes me, sorry to go all super feminist on y’all but it’s undeniably the truth!

Can you remember as a child who you called for if you were poorly, who you wanted to see when you did something you were proud or excited over? Who you wanted to tuck you in, who you wanted to get you from school, or who you wanted to read a story and give you your bath? Odds are at least one of these was your mother. And odds are she did all those things to expert timing, with precision skill and probably whilst juggling everything else at once.

The way people feel about their mothers is a form of brainwashing even the strictest militia dictator couldn’t instill in his forces!

Lets go beyond the fact that pregnancy and birth aren’t the easiest of experiences. I can’t comment on having a tumultuous pregnancy or a horrific labour (plain sailing and a planned c-section) but surely the duration enough makes women pretty impressive!

I’m not sure about anyone else but I have those little disagreements with my hubby to be about who has the harder job? What would he prefer? He says it would be a whole lot easier for him to look after Landon because it would mean he could have do “bugger all and sit on his ass” hmmm anyone else infuriated? Well. I’m not saying he does nothing! He certainly does. An 8 hour job and then he puts the trash outside.

I mean he could buck up his ideas and do some more chores considering after my 12 hour shift with the baby and being 9 months pregnant I still have a list of chores to get through to keep the house looking like it still has a modicum of cleanliness somewhere under the endless piles of cluttered toys.

I love my mum, more so we don’t live together now! But she’s still there 6000 miles away in sunny Tanzania. Face timing us daily gossiping and chatting away to both me and my son and I always ask her if I have any questions about how long to cook a brisket or what cleaning solution to use. Luckily there’s only 20 years between us so she still has awesome taste in clothes to borrow and never return. I definitely underestimated how much she did when I was a child. And let’s not even talk about how hard single and working mums must have it!

It’s not a difficult role it’s just non stop for me. I wouldn’t complain about how hard it is as its something I chose to do with my life and its very fulfilling I wouldn’t be anywhere else. And it’s incredibly rare I take a break. He’s never been anywhere overnight and I tend to only socialise in the evening when my own mums here to watch him for me.

I’ve stolen the picture below from the net mums website makes me giggle about a mums work

I’m sure however you’re all celebrating this Mother’s Day it will be a special one! A day when dads can’t complain about how little stay at home mums do but a day they have to rejoice in it and provide flowers and gifts and five minutes of down time for mum!

Happy Mother’s Day!




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