Silver Cross Fizz Humbug

As we’re going away a few times this year my iCandy peach twin is far too precious to me to lug on a plane and then struggle to put up and down all the time, i figured two strollers would be much easier. I have picked and received the first of, I would say my choices, but this one my mum picked out for me.

First and foremost you should understand my addiction to prams/pushchairs/strollers/buggies whatever you will yourself to call them. I am naughty! We have had a cream leather Emmaljunga Mondial 3in1 pram, a Mamas and Papas freestyle travel system, a Mamas and Papas sola, A mothercare twin side by side stroller and now my iCandy peach blossom 2 in Sweetpea, and this Silver Cross pushchair.

The Silver Cross Fizz is available for use from 6 months so we will need a one that provides the back support for an infant from birth to take with us too, aswell as being just as portable and light.

This one was from John Lewis: Buy Here for £95.00

A few different sites with reviews have yet to provide me with a negative review! Which is amazing, as I didn’t check them out until i had the stroller delivered. I purely picked this one for the way it looked and the factor 50+ hood as we’ll be holidaying in Africa.

The stroller is lightweight at 4.5 kgs, its forward facing, easy to collapse, comes with a raincover, shopping basket and the UPF50+ Hood. perfect!

So far its easy to manoeuvre in my living room. and came in an easy to put together package, all I had to do was attach the straps to the right places (Simple 5 part harness) and place the seat cover on and two of the front wheels which just clipped on.

This was all easily managed without reading instructions prior, I simply checked them over afterward to see that I had completed the job correctly.

I definitely give this pram a 5 star rating. Excellent value for money, stylish and practical!


Disclaimer: Note the views in this review are that of my own on the Silver Cross Fizz













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