Finally packed my hospital bag

Unlike my usual organised self, I generally have things for big events and celebrations arranged meticulously well ahead of time! I have a collection of by date organised cards for various celebrations throughout the year but packing my hospital bag? Noooo! Couldn’t possibly have that done despite being considered as “full term” at 37 weeks 4 days pregnant!

See below the ready-to-pop shot from earlier this week! Smaller than I was with my Landon but by no means lacking in having plenty of front! Ha!


The Pink Lining Yummy Mummy bag my other half bought me as a going on holiday present in October has been relegated to hospital bag as we’ve moved little boy up to a cute little backpack. I will use it as my changing bag for a while but I’ve got my eye on another Yummy Mummy bag!

Mine can be seen here exclusively available from John Lewis retailers as opposed to the Pink lining site! The bag has been such a godsend, much better than my previous, more expensive Emmaljunga one! £79.00 for something I use every day to keep my life in check is a bargain as far as I’m concerned, and despite the instructions suggesting that no washing occur, it has definitely been on a hand wash cycle in my washing machine more than once. Well recommended!

This time for my planned c-section, second one aswell, I know I need a lot less than most labouring mothers whose stay can be inevitably long and the procedure requires a lot less than regular birth where Los of accessories and things are needed prior to the birth, with an elective section it’s pretty much step in hospital, into gown, into theatre and onto a ward with the baby.

I am also being incredibly stubborn, I have never spent a night away from my son, we live around the corner from the hospital, it’s comfortable walking and within sight distance. My aunt will have him during the day and my partner will be back in time to put him to bed after be has come in to give mummy goodnight cuddles and to meet his brother. Then the next day I am coming home. Adamant! My section was such a breeze for me last time I’m quite resilient to pain and discomfort I would much rather be in my own home, a stones throw away from the hospital recovering that way. And just be more obnoxious, I won’t be doing the lying in bed thing feeling sorry for myself. It’ll be bonding time for us all. Although I promise to let the other half do the cleaning and the cooking! May as well take the time to recover hehe!

So in my bag is just really things for the baby for one night/day and post birth goodies for me!


I have 4 baby grows for the little one, all of which are from Marks and Spencer as I love the way the newborn things fit, they’re so soft, generously long and snug around the tummy.



One of the sleep suits is also Marks and Spencer. Their newborn baby “kits” are some of my favourite things from in store. The 7 or 8 piece sets come with a great array of things. This one is a jungle theme, fitting considering where I grew up. It’s so gorgeous I can’t wait to see him in it. That’s available on the retailers website here for just £17.00 for the 7 piece starter set.

From M&S I have also bought my muslin squares, we much preferred these to bibs until Landon was weaning onto solids. They were easy to position, mop up and snuggle into all in one. In fact bibs are the one thing we still have left because we rarely used the smaller baby size! And unlike most muslin squares from other retailers M&S’s were a much nicer, softer and kinder material for newborns. As well as coming with a funky design. They’re not on the website but they’re £8.00 for five.


The other two little outfits I have chosen are Ralph Lauren numbers. Obviously an avid purchaser for all the family of Ralph Lauren, particularly the children’s wear it had to be done! Landon’s first outfit was Ralph and I would like to think new babies will be too! 🙂 the newborn collection of baby essential wear is sweet because a lot of it is poppers down the front! Which when you have a newborn you discover is so much easier (as are zippered sleep suits) than trying to rive a suit over the babies head. Everyone’s happier all around if it can be fastened around them. I have picked a striped one and a teddy bear print one which was meant for Landon but never arrived in time to be worn before it was too small. As RL is notoriously small fitting. Luckily my friend in the states has been to the outlet and found us the matching blanket to the sleep suit aswell! Sharp making it a contender for first outfit. (As if this is a serious consideration in my head, far too much yummy not enough mummy going on there).




I really wish we had kept some of landons clothes! But the ones we did keep all went into a gorgeous patchwork blanket for him anyway! And I did like buying it all again for new little boy.

In the hospital bag they go along with first place in first outfit stakes. A Hugo boss velour suit. So gorgeous and tiny and the box is to die for (yup, a sucker for packaging!) rather expensive to wear for about two minutes but I really don’t care it’s too cute. And if you can’t spoil your children as you please what other joy will you have in life!



I’m not sure how it works anywhere else but we need nappies for in hospital and wipes if we’re to use them but milk is provided for formula feeders in these handy ready to go bottles that you affix teats onto and cotton wool is also provided to save taking that in.

I will be doing mixed feeding (first time breast! Eek! I’m not going to be feeding once my milk is established I’ll be purely expressing so have invested in a double electric pump but that’s not coming in with me). So his feeds will be bottle except for the first one or two to try get a milk supply going, quite a bit harder with a c-section as its not a natural process that way. It’s a delayed reaction.

For myself I haven’t packed any clothes yet, but I’m expecting to take some shocking granny pants, leggings and slouchy tops to hide the mum pouch! I’ll also be taking some mini toiletries and my contact lens goodies just to see me through to the next day/going home. And as I plan on having no visitors I won’t be needing any cosmetics either! Wahoo!



Lastly I’ll be taking my camera, my phone, my charger and this divine Winnie the Pooh heritage blanket from marks and spencer which is velboa on one side and cotton on the outside and lightly lined. Perfect to keep the new baby warm in the hospital cot.



At this point in my pregnancy we could go at any point! And I would simply go down for an emergency c-section. However my midwife has said his head isn’t even engaged in my pelvis one little bit, he’s still terrorising my navel and ribs! Joy! So there’s no signs of impending labour, even the braxton’s have eased compared to a few weeks ago! We now have our date (top secret of course) and have just got to wait for it to come about to go in and have the baby!!!



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