Nutmeg Clothing Review

As supermarket Morrison’s plc. Have teamed up with Kiddicare for their mother and baby essentials in store I’ve been hearing for a while about their clothing range, Nutmeg!

Since they don’t have an online website the only chance was to go in store, and it has to be a fair sized store to find one with the clothing wear section. Found one and I found with it a SALE.

I love a sale it means I can excuse myself whilst I pick up lots of bargains all because I will be putting it on my blog! Giving me a justful and reasonable cause 🙂

I found so many great things, much more than what I expected. The range is new so it’s not huge and it’s yet to compete with other stores. But value for money was excellent (especially considering the prices you see in the tickets are double the price I paid), the quality of the clothes was great, nothing flimsy and it all looks easy care to wash. Definitely an up and comer! And another reason to keep swapping supermarkets to find the best “food bargains” cough cough, make excuses to buy different baby clothes!

Here’s my finds! Enjoy!








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