38 Weeks! <3

My pregnancy buddy had her baby in the super early hours of this morning. ❀ making me nice and excited for forthcoming arrival of baby W.H.R.B —— as close as I can fathom to name reveal πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ so excited and glad for the healthy arrival of all my friends babies around me. Can only hope for the same luck myself. Of course I'm a planned section so it's a tad easier to plan around when the baby will arrive and my child care arrangements. And of course it's lovely not to have to wait for labour to happen. I think I'd be terrified of the I organisation of that.

I've got my hospital bag done! For me and for baby WH. And I've got landons outfit laid out for the day of and an emergency bag of spares for if unplanned labour occurs I've got a while to go yet but I'm prepared for all eventualities!

My bump is getting BIG. At 36 weeks we were 5.6 pounds so any guesses to his birth weight is welcome I'm not sure what he'll be potentially around the same as my son Landon, who was 8lb 4oz.


No real symptoms of labour just those joyful braxton hicks so we should be safe until our section date.

The wardrobe is stocked with newborn and 0-3 clothes! Just need to go buy a wardrobe this weekend as we needed another one the boys can’t share!


Had my hair dyed today! πŸ™‚ so I might at least have acceptable hair in my hospital/first days pics!


Went a little blonder than usual but it’s supposedly summer soon so why not!

I’ve had another bountiful iron infusion so whilst my hand is lovely and bruised my energy levels are much better than they have been, well as good as they can be for anyone nearly ten months pregnant!

I’m getting in such a good mood for babies arrival. We got a gorgeous travel mini cot specially for babies under 6 months to take out to Tanzania with us in July! So gorgeous a Hauck Disney one!


Yup that’s my son testing it out!! Now I’m putting together his finding nemo play gym! πŸ™‚ I love baby toys and I especially love Disney things.

πŸ™‚ all on countdown but not slowing down just yet! Go go go!



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