My last day as a mother of one

39 weeks and 3 days is when I delivered Landon via elective c-section.

A lot of people in the UK ask my why this is what I wanted and how did I get one, in reality I’m very practical I like organised events, I like knowing what’s to come and being in control of situations. I’m excellent with pain so that aspect of birth didn’t really bother me about labour, I just didn’t think personally I could deal with the inconvenience. The long hours in labour, the consistent pains, the sweat, the blood, the accidents, the inevitable form of damage downstairs. I praise people for having their children however they imagine is the best scenario. I’m sure my ideal is someone else’s worst nightmare. I also grew up overseas in a community where people chose what country to have their babies in. And in a lot of those countries when we all pay for private healthcare and healthcare insurance it’s a well respected option to arrange a quickie delivery. Or the c-section. I had heard a woman say she was booked in and for no reason and since that moment that was how I knew I would want my babies to arrive. It’s how I thought would be the best for me. And so I’ve stuck with that for this pregnancy rather than opt for a VBAC (vaginal birth after a cesarean). As well as with so many niggles and complications and worries with this pregnancy it’s definitely good to stick with what I know and what is the quickest way to have my little boy here in my arms! I also have such a short gap (not quite 15 months) between births, meaning my scar would be more susceptible to rupture so it’s advisable for less than 18 month gap between c-section and attempted VBAC that another c-section is the prescribed.

I can’t believe that the day to have my little man has come upon us! Obviously I’ve wrote this and not published it wanting to keep the date of wyatt’s arrival secret.

I’m not sure how it feels to love something as much as you love your first child but I can’t wait to share that love and help Landon to adjust to family life as a family of four!

I’m not sure how to go about it as Landon is quite ignorant of other babies but he hasn’t spent a lot of time around one who was taking a lot of time with his mummy. And considering that Landon has never had a stay over away from me overnight and he has barely been babysat I’m sure he’s going to take this harder than kiddos whose mummies are more lenient and share them! I’ve never been good at sharing and I’m just so fussy with how he is looked after so it’s my own fault he relies upon me so much as his main caregiver.

Either way I know nothing about having two kids. All I know is my routine will be essential and I am not taking any crap. My rules whether anyone likes it or not. And certainly no picking up baby when he’s asleep! Ahhhhh I was so relaxed about so much last time but the longer that continues the harder it is to settle into a routine with little one. Nothing like jumping into the deep end

I spent my last day as a mother of one mostly excited, a little bit antsy and not very much nervous, just impatient to not be pregnant anymore. I’m not one of these people who love their bumps. I love what’s inside the bump I’m just not fond on the bump itself. It’s so awkward finding clothes you feel ok in! Then there’s the prodding of the ribs from the inside, something squirming about relentlessly! There’s the sickness and the bowel disruptions. All ladylike ness just tends to fly out of the window. One thing I haven’t done is slowed down. I haven’t had the time to. I’ve been busy with little guy no way this freight train (yup viable size comparison) has time to relax. However this morning I got up got us ready. And then dad got up and mummy went back to bed! I didn’t sleep, I didn’t try I just shut my eyes and had a guilt free lie down watching TV. We then took little man to softplay and made it just in time for our pre-op assessment at the hospital.
Here’s hoping to a quick and safe delivery tomorrow! 🙂



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