One Week Old <3 Wyatt





I’m not entirely sure where the week has gone, but yes, my little newborn bundle is no longer going to be measured in terms of ‘days’ but ‘weeks’ and i’m pretty sure it will feel like two minutes until that transforms itself into months. My little buddy has settled into the house lovely. A snuggly addition, we just can’t get enough of. His scent is just intoxicating!




Despite any worries that were considered during my high risk, extra monitored pregnancy he has come out just a perfect bundle. He had a heart murmur that we’ve got an appointment to get checked out next week, but ideally those are so common, 1 in 3 newborns supposedly that are deemed innocent and his other vitals are great and feeding is going well so there’s nothing to worry about for us. πŸ™‚

He looks just like me when I was born according to everyone who has commented, these are a few pics of me as a baby!


The feeding is going well, we haven’t supplemented with formula since his first two days when my milk supply wasn’t great. Now there’s no shortage and expressing the milk is going well, my other half however is not keen on anything to do with breastmilk, the leaks, the look of it, the stains, the dribbles from Wyatt’s mouth, and especially not when our eldest son Landon stole the bottle and started guzzling; he especially won’t taste it despite my nagging him to, I find it hilarious, and I don’t drink milk, he does he loves it ( normal cows milk that is) but I couldn’t resist having a little finger dip and it doesn’t taste anything like milk, more like a very weak sugary lightly flavoured juice.

Within the first week of his life he has already been shopping twice, to the park, to his relatives, to walk around our local lake, to restaurants and even to the passport office to get his passport sorted ASAP for our trip to Tanzania next month. Although we can’t believe that we’ve actually had sun in England!!! It’s unbelievable how warm it has been.

IMG_4249 IMG_4245 IMG_4248


His neck is incredibly strong! I’m not sure where my children get it from but both of mine have been able to support their heads from really early on! His cord clamp has dropped off now, his jaundice has subsided and his hair is all over the place! I can’t believe he has so much! I never even had heartburn. I feel incredibly attached and really well bonded, Which i’m sure is related to the breastfeeding, I have certainly felt a lot less of the normal weepy/emotional moments than when formula feeding, due to the happy hormones (oxytocin) that breastfeeding creates in the brain. He is a great little sleeper! Wakes up once in the night and even slept a full night through for us! πŸ™‚ How lucky are we! Its now policy to have babies weighed on day five by the community midwife, and we did so Wyatt has dropped to 6lbs 9oz but with the amount of milk he likes drinking I have no doubt he will be catching up in no time!

I’m still taking pictures of my stomach to do an honest post in a few weeks time about the realities of post-partum bodies!

Landon is either interested in his brother and likes him, or ignores him to continue playing on his own. He’s not interested in cuddles or kisses with him but he’s not a very cuddly toddler. It’s a rare occasion he will snuggle in of his own accord, he’s got to be really tired or ill. He has been a little more clingy with one of us where he wants picked up quite a bit, which I do despite the c-section because i’m feeling great and not in any pain! He’s being the perfect little angel towards his brother, he’s even tried to feed him, give him his dummy and brush hid hair. I couldn’t ask for anymore. The influence of his brother has even calmed him down a little bit, I find myself telling him off a lot less than before Wyatt arrived.

IMG_4075 IMG_4124


We have finalised the details of his christening, organised the cake, church and part venue too! So excited that we have extended our family.

And daddy is loving his paternity leave and taking full advantage of how much Little Man needs him whilst mummy is busy/feeding the littlest chap! πŸ™‚ Super Dad even bought me a gorgeous ”Thanks for making me a daddy” card, now thats why I am marrying him!



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