Paternity leave <3

The wonderful two weeks postpartum where daddy gets time off work. ahhhhh bliss. A fantastic baby moon. I would love to say that we have been wrapped up in our little cocoon away from the world. Except we’ve been too busy sharing and showing off our gorgeous new arrival. These may have been the busiest two weeks that we’ve had in a while.

Wyatt has had the time to settle into the family and establish a bond with daddy, and Landon has had his daddy to play with him and keep him entertained when i have been expressing milk or breastfeeding directly. Although admittedly he has been a fantastic big brother, either interested and wanting to help out or dismissive and too busy wrapped up in his own hyperactive world. If hyperactivity disorders could be diagnosed in children as young as Landon i would suspect that he was suffering from this. However lets be honest, the only people suffering in this equation are me and his father running ragged! Such a little climber, he has absolutely no fear whatsoever. It’s a good job we’re young! Means we have no excuse not to have the energy to stop him from climbing, opening everything, opening doors, hiding things, playing with the tv, climbing the stairs, hiding! Keeping us right on our toes, so I can definitely say I have been thankful for the two weeks paternity leave that dad has had off.

Dad has learned a lot in his two weeks off, I think he’s got much more respect for the role of a mummy now he’s been more hands on whilst I’ve been busy with Wyatt. Our home has never been cleaner! It’s wonderful to have a larger home than we require, however the cleaning is not the optimal! With both of us in a great routine these two weeks, elated with the new arrival it means we’ve been all too happy to divide and conquer all of the jobs in the house without any arguments or disagreements. Score! a little less work for me. Despite the standard c-section rules for exercise and activity post-partum I may have been breaking all of the rules and getting involved with every aspect, including pram pushing, hoovering and laundry! Lets be brutally honest, the man might be good but he can’t quite do the jobs the way I like them.

In the two weeks that we’ve had together we have done so many activities with our little babies! πŸ™‚


Munchkin Helping get the most out of celebratory balloons!

We have been meeting lots of family πŸ™‚
These are my aunties children, who we call Landon and wyatt’s cousins. πŸ™‚ but of course are really mine



This is our nephew πŸ™‚ Brandon playing with Landon. He is just 3 months younger than him. He’s not very interested in wyatt πŸ™‚ but I’m sure that will change.



This weekend it was also our local fair! Which I took Landon and wyatt to with friends as we let daddy have a day at golf (top mum, I know). We had a lovely day it was gorgeous weather and Landon was a cheap fair date as the poor boy didn’t like the noise the rides made. Thank goodness because I was petrified of even the slowest ones! I wanted to get him a helmet for even the teacups, quite frankly he wasn’t allowed on those I thought I’d have a heart attack if i let him go on with someone. Fair food was a big bonus of the day!






The weather has definitely been on our side during paternity leave πŸ™‚ Landon has had chance to make use of our almost finished garden! His big brother present arrived from his favourite nonna. A cozy coupe car πŸ™‚




A most amazing two weeks with my best friend and our little bambinos. Such an odd thought that we are now a family of four and parents of two children. It’s awful that he’s gone back to work especially as it means time has flown over but it’s nice to get back into a routine with the babies. Now just to wait another month till our next stint off together πŸ™‚ and we’re off to get married!



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