2 weeks old

Two weeks old 😦 it’s heartbreaking how fast time is going by! I would just like my little guy to be little forever!

He’s done a lot and been a little social bunny in his first two weeks of life. He’s gained a brother we’ve gained an angel and we’ve all lost a lot of free time.

He fits into our little household routine beautifully! He manages to nap at all the right times, sleep through or only wake once after he goes down for the evening around 10. Some days he wakes up at 4 for a feed and then goes through till 8 or some days he won’t wake up until 6 and then go back down again. How we have had two amazing sleepers is beyond me. There really is no trick. He’s just an incredibly contented little baby. It does help that we emphasise routine from the moment we come home. It’s not something we did immediately with Landon. We learned that to get things back in order we would need a strict routine and for a long time we were flexible with his bedtime until as he grew he had more and more energy and he was allowed more and more reluctance to sleep. This was quickly halted when it became a struggle to get him down for the evening now his bedtime is between 6.30 and 7.00pm and I’m reluctant to let anything interfere with that it works well for us and keeps our daytimes running smoothly.

In addition to a set and consistent routine (and of course luck) we also, I say we I mean myself as the partner gets far too grouchy if he does night feeds, it’s not worth the headache I have to endure after. During the night feeds I don’t switch any lights on or talk to wyatt. I just think it helps him know the difference between daytime and nighttime.

I’m still exclusively breastfeeding! No formula since day two! My milk yield is great! So I can express plenty as well as feed from the breast. I’m yet to feed in public still, I’m not quite sure I’m brave enough despite being relatively confident with plenty of other circumstances its something I may have to work up to. And the convenience of the expressed bottles is just a great novelty. Best of both worlds.

Weight! Wyatt’s is less than his birth weight at 6lb 11oz but more than after initial weighing at 5 days. He has gained 2oz since then and I am convinced he will gain more based on the amount he guzzles! In the evenings we have a good three hours before his bedtime where he simply cannot get enough.

My weight is a great annoyance! I’ve only lost half a stone since the birth still an excess three to shed! Incredibly frustrating. But we’re only two weeks down and I’m just being royally impatient!


Wyatt still fits nicely in all of his first size clothes, i think when he grows out of them I might shed a little tear!

Today he got to be a tiny little tiger. He’s incredibly alert and awake when he wants to be.


Today also marked another highlight in our calendar! First bath with no tears at all! Yey! 🙂


Landon is still enjoying being a big brother. And still being rambunctious as hell! But having a little longer nap at midday he must be wearing himself thin.






Here’s hoping for another good week with both of my boys!



One thought on “2 weeks old

  1. Congrats on your newest addition, your boys are so precious!

    And its okay to be impatient, you want your body back, and you want it now. I’m sure I will too when my time for motherhood comes. Good luck shedding the baby weight! 🙂

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