Weekly Update:3 weeks old today

Three whole weeks old today. It doesn’t seem like three weeks since we welcome Wyatt into the family, it’s both flown over and felt like he’s been here a whole lot longer he’s just fit in perfectly!


Wyatt Hudson Robert Blandford

Should be around the 7 pounds mark again after a little dip in his weight. He’s still just so dinky to me it’s adorable! He’s still in mostly all first size clothing and some of that size still has quite a bit of space in them for him.

As we were told throughout pregnancy his legs are a different centile to the rest of him. So his legs are just so delicate.



He has got so much character already, he’s so brilliantly behaved when we go out and about you never hear a noise from him unless he’s hungry. When he’s awake he’s very alert his favourite time of day tends to be about 7pm just after big brother Landon has gone to bed, right when mummy wants to try and get the cleaning or university work done! Typical! Thank you little boy.

His neck is also already so strong, very little head and neck support is needed, much the same as it was with Landon. And when we do tummy time with wyatt he lifts his head so high all on his own.


I’ve taken full advantage of big brother being cute with wyatt. Still he either pays attention and wants to play with his baby or ignores him and gets up to his own mischief (like climbing out of his cot at 15 months old! Thanks big boy). One thing about Landon is that he doesn’t give kisses. He can do and he knows how and why but you ask for one, beckon and get your face pushed away. Even beloved mother here. Well! Today he gave wyatt a kiss. Shock horror. And I even got one! Treasuring this moment because it won’t happen for another millennium now! The best we get is what we call “bump bump” where he likes to place his forehead against yours and bump bump it. That’s when he really shows he loves you, no kisses but bump bumps. That and when he gives you his dummy. Those are signs of true love.



Wyatt has also met his little girlfriend. I’m deciding this, I haven’t left her family much choice in this decision. Sienna Mae is a friends daughter and she’s exactly 7 days older than wyatt. And she’s adorable! We loved meeting her and spoiling her and in turn wyatt got spoiled with gifts too. It will be so great to have a baby so close in age for him and its great for us mummies too!


The weight loss is none existent. My stomach is flattening, it’s still wobbly and soft and squishy. But it’s better than its been and it’s amazing just to not have a bump! 🙂 I should be thankful it’s getting flatter but I’m still adamant I can’t wait till I pass the 12 week safe to exercise mark! 🙂 I haven’t lost any actual pounds devastatingly. Other than 7pounds in total post partum. So I’m just tightening up at the minute.


The breastfeeding is still going well. We have just received our new medela swing pump today! It’s a dream! Can’t wait to review it properly, I feel like I struggled to search for one that was going to be right for us when all the time the most reputable brand should have been smacking me right in the face.

I even have breastfed in front of people in the last two days. And it’s not been bad at all. I just had a blanket to cover us and my friends haven’t flackered, they must think I’ve done it plenty! However in front of people I was only used to expressed bottles. I don’t know how long I will feed for but I’m glad I’m doing it and beating any obstacles that come my way with it.

Sleeping- Wyatt’s a fantastic sleeper. Waking up once in the night for a feed or not at all until early hours of the morning. Thrilled to have such a good sleeper!

He does have very sensitive skin like his brother meaning that bath products are a no go and washing powder has to be all non bio and basically fragrance free. Or as pure as we can get it.

He’s incredibly sicky so I think we’ll see our health visitor about reflux and the options for treatment. He’s improved how windy he is in the last few days with me drinking fennel tea! Added extra side effect. He’s not been grizzly on his back after a bottle and he’s been a lot easier to get wind out of.

All in all another breeze of a week with my beautiful clan.

🙂 xoxo


One thought on “Weekly Update:3 weeks old today

  1. What lovely little ones! And you look enviably great!
    This really brings back memories of when mine were newborns and toddlers — that was many moons ago, lol!
    I wish you blessings as your children grow and progress, and as you get ready for your big wedding day — how totally exciting!! Thank you so much for visiting Mrs. City Boy and following — I look forward to reading more of your wonderful blog!

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