Weight loss Wednesday/Wyatt Wednesday

Well today marks the four week mark in my newborn babies life. Officially makes me a little upset because I’m not sure where four weeks have gone. This makes him a whole month old. One whole month. It also upsets me because I’m not where I want to be body wise four weeks in. I know how ridiculous to expect miracles and to expect the weight to drop off. But it’s not going anywhere. It’s being stubborn . I want it gone. I do fit in my wedding dress there is hope! My chest is ruining my life. I know I should be buzzing in the joy of having a wonderful cute baby but I can’t help being a tad down on myself based on my body. I’ve gotta be on a beach with skinny people soon and I have full on mum tum. It looks fine sideways but front ways it just has no definition, total pouch, my weight has not shifted at all. Sigh. However I do not help myself munching on chocolate and snack foods all day long and skipping meals. I can’t even really diet as I want to provide my baby the best breast milk and I can’t work out for another 8 weeks!!! Aghhhhhhhhhh.

Miracle god of beach bodies please find me. Please make me miraculously Miranda Kerr! πŸ™‚

I know I can’t exactly whinge too much I’m in pre pregnancy clothes. A few at least. But I don’t care what size you are there is always room for complaint when you just aren’t comfortable in your own skin.

On a brighter note my little boy has come along leaps and bounds in the fourth week of his life.







Today for example he was awake for a long 3-4 hour stretch in the day. He’s drinking plenty of milk. And when he’s awake his neck strength and alertness are unbelievable for his age.

He’s still a sicky monster so that may be worth me seeing about his reflux. But he’s gaining weight and he’s not losing more milk than is retained. So it’s not a problem it’s more for both our comforts.

I’m really keen on tummy time it’s a great way to change up their day, relieve wind for my little guy and promote strength in the trunk.

He hasn’t chatted to me yet with any noises but I’m keeping a close eye out for those first gurgles. We did get a hint of a first non windy smile! πŸ™‚ wish I caught it on camera!

So now were at the four weeks breastfeeding mark! Feeling proud as I didn’t even want to do it with Landon. I was really put off by the whole idea. Now I love it! Nurturing and it’s there on tap! Why not use it. It’s also great news you don’t get periods while still exclusively feeding. Tmi! I know!

I’m really not struggling with it at all. I was expecting pain discomfort and based on all the products out there, nipple issues! And none! I’ve just been so lucky

Wyatt is still a great sleeper. Again so lucky! Both my boys have been amazing to me. Thanks boys!

Landon is just so sweet still with his brother today he gave him a bottle with me and yesterday he winded him and lay beside him!


Full steam ahead for an all about Landon day tommorow! πŸ™‚ and catch ups with family.

Before I go here is a quick weight loss update picture:




Daddy and wyatt and his milestone card.



6 thoughts on “Weight loss Wednesday/Wyatt Wednesday

    • That’s a beautiful article! The pictures are so endearing! I know every mother should be proud to look any way they do after a baby. It’s not an easy process at all.

      Haha! And that’s a wonderful compliment, although I’m sure with no children you’ll look fabulous and fresh!! πŸ™‚

  1. Maybe you are expecting too much, you look FANTASTIC. Just gotta watch your intake, and breast feed ALLL you want. And relax and enjoy your little guys. They’re beautiful, and you don’t look like you just had a child, let alone having had 2. Lucky you! I hope you can get comfy in your skin, and accept yourself as is. πŸ™‚
    Just relax, and don’t eat a lot of junk and I think you’ll do just fine.
    Congrats on your healthy one month old Wyatt!

    • You’re right I am expecting a lot from myself. Little bit extreme as I’m getting Married in less than a month πŸ™‚

      But thank you I’m rather pleased he’s doing well we had lots of worries during pregnancy.

  2. You’re doing great! I’m 6months postpartum after my 3rd and am nowhere near where I want to be. It gets harder each time, but I have a beautiful baby to show for it which makes it all worth while ❀

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