Little Us Dolls Review

So this is my first official review! And I’m both pleased and excited to introduce you all to a product I have been asked to review.

I have been sent a Little Us doll by the manufacturer in order to give a coherent and honest review. The views I express are completely my own

The Little Us doll is of course a doll, traditionally dolls are primarily a feminine toy. However I’m keen to encourage gender equality in my home, especially being the only female amongst three boys!

The dolls themselves are marketed for pre-school girls with the children able to pick a doll which falls the closest to their own image as their own mini me.

There are four characters in the range so far. Chloe, Amelia, Ruby and Millie


The dolls are twelve inches high making them a perfect size for little ones (I think these would make an excellent first doll) they are completely soft, made from a plush material and polyester filling.

The dolls are a available in Harrids, Debenhams, Asda online, and Hamleys for just £9.99 which I think is a great price for a safe and fun toy.

My son immediately took a liking to the doll, he really identified it as looking very human, he much preferred this to another soft toy I had out. He treat it like a baby and was reluctant to put it down, he had a little chat to the doll.






I really liked these dolls, I would probably buy them all if I had a girl. I think they would do well to create male counterparts to make them accessible to young boys too! Otherwise I really can’t do anything but praise the product. It’s nice to see a doll available which isn’t a “baby” for young children. It’s nice to have a form of dress up doll accessible to young children where plastic counterparts simply aren’t suitable.

I’m encouraging all with female children to buy one if these for their children and we will keep ours as Landon seems to like it regardless of whom it’s marketed for. My only suggestion for improvement would be to introduce a dark skinned equivalent, as there are all hair colors but all the same light skin, if they’re available to all it should only be fair to include a black/Asian doll.

🙂 happy shopping. Let me know what you think of these dolls?


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