Happy Medium Monday – A change of heart

Really honoured to have done my first guest blog post! 🙂 it was a pleasure to write and a pleasure to share. Please do follow this blog i highly recommend! 🙂

My journey with breastfeeding hasn’t been an easy one, It took me a long time to come to terms with the idea that it was something I wanted to do. My mum never breastfed me and I just didn’t see anyone around me breastfeeding, it wasn’t like it is now, where its a little more acceptable, and women who are breastfeeding no longer have to be housebound hermits.

Its not that once I began feeding, five weeks ago, my second baby, that feeding was a struggle or that feeding was hard or strenuous or overly time consuming, not at all, in fact quite the opposite. It’s been a breeze. It was the journey it took for the idea of breastfeeding to become an acceptable notion in my own head.

To me, and bear in mind this was a totally obscure idea in my head, in no way do I think…

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