Belated post #2 Thursday Madness

Thursdays have now just gotten a whole lot crazier! We have added a one to one swim lesson into the mix in the afternoon.

We started the day with a squiggles and giggles session. The session now starts a half an hour later and lasts for an hour and a half as opposed to just an hour. That session doesn’t suit a few of the former members so it was delightfully quiet! Yey!

This week was a fantastic themes if was space themed. There was so much messy play and so many ideas for at home I can’t even remember all of them!

As always everything is so perfectly themed to match the occasion. Ideally Thursdays are all about Landon. He had a great time and was even getting more involved with the paints. I like to try get one to one time with activities and get his mind focused on one thing for a little while here. It’s nice to see him stick into something he really enjoys its certainly calms him down when he has an outlet for all of that energy.






What really amused me today was how keen all of the children were to tuck into the Cheerios supposed to be for a sensory experience in a sand and water table! Silly kids! You’d think none of them were fed!


Swimming went great. I’m happy to pay for private lessons as it means I don’t have to worry about finding someone to join me with wyatt in the pool. It means the instructor can take him in and I can watch. I’m really looking to just boost his confidence and slowly work up to other things. Obviously once a week isn’t enough to create a great proficiency but it’s enough to keep his spirits high and happy to be in the water which is great for when we spend time abroad.

We even went to great grandmas in between activities, a friends afterward and then out for our tea! Was definitely ready for bed then.

Looking forward to another busy day next week! 🙂



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