Wyatt/Weightloss Wednesday week #6

So here is week six and the blog post is one day late. That’s about right as of course it’s so damn difficult to be on time with a newborn and a toddler. However both are asleep so that suits me to slot a blog session while I tan on the sunbed. Typical mother style, ten things at once.

The weather is just so amazing for the UK right now. Can’t believe it. We have been making the most of it. I’ve been so busy the last two days I haven’t had chance to stop and eat solid set meals. It’s been when I can, so that and based upon chasing Landon around may have helped my figure this week.

I haven’t done any form of exercise in the slightest and I’m far too busy to contemplate it.


I’m not how I was. In fact two stone over but I don’t care. I fit in my wedding dress and that will do me just fine.

My breastpump decided to break on me today. 6 weeks in and that’s two down?! No fair! Not impressed. I’m having to manually express until tommorow now.

We’ve had swimming lessons for Landon, messy playgroup, softplay meets and I even did my first back to work shoot in the studio last night which Is why I couldn’t post. Yet to get any images back but I might share 🙂

Wyatt did his first real smile today… At a complete stranger. Cheers little boy. Cheeky indeed!

He’s 9lb 14oz now and still trapped between first size and 1 month clothes. The 0-3 things are just enormous. Poor boy. Glad to have an ickle baba this time though.

His routines becoming more apparent. Now I can’t decide what type of routine we have. We do baby led feeds so on demand with no set intervals. It would break my heart not feeding him when he asked for it, after all under 6 months a cry means something needs seen to. However I know everyone’s styles are different. Let me know what works for you. Nothing worse than being told what to do.

His sleeping is still amazing. Usually 8pm till 4-6am which is phenomenal for me. Not great for milk supply however.

Have sorted lots of things for our upcoming vacation! Will pack their bags over the weekend and share my travel essentials.




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