A photo diary of our weekend

Fun filled weekend! This sun is unbelievable!

We started off visiting my grandmother where my cousins were spending time. The kids got to play in a paddling pool.



We also got to see my great grandmother, so the children’s great great grandmother! She’s 85 now and quite poorly as is the great grandfather so it’s nice and important to us to spend lots of time with them.

On Saturday we had to go drop my beloved MacBook Air into the Apple store as its broken down on me 😦 devastating. So bear with me on the blogging side.

Whilst we were there of course we had a look around the shops and then it was off to the mother in laws where our nephew Brandon was. Landon loves his cousin so that was good fun.







And then we did something we haven’t done in a really long time. We went out. Spontaneously in the evening for a “few “. Well I drove so I had none but the other half consumed plenty and we didn’t get home till 4am! Thankfully our fab babysitter was calm and collected and the kids were asleep the whole time. Phew!







We also had a spontaneous BBQ too! With the same friends we went out with that was lovely 🙂 and a stroll along the beach too which Landon LOVED!




Such a fab weekend! Perfect mix of mummy daddy time, time with the babies and time with friends 🙂

And the weather is just unbelievable!
My breastpump has let me down! Another one!! So I’ve been only feeding by latch and enjoying it. I’ve felt overwhelming guilt at thoughts that I would potentially like to start adding a formula bottle into the mix every now and again. Like I say I don’t know why! Landon was totally formula but I just now know how great it is to feed him and I feel like the real deal is always going to be better so it may be a while before I’m ready to do half half but I think I could handle doing a bottle now and again if it suits.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend too!



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