WOW. Hiatus over!

I think i have been enjoying myself out here in Tanzania a little too much! I have so neglected to blog, Although i do blame having no internet access! It has been so great in the week and a few days that we have been here, could not have asked for a better trip, we still have until Saturday to go as well. I promise to do a huge wedding and vacation and 8 and 9 week update on Wyatt ASAP! I may hide indoors tomorrow and set myself up a little blogging corner and just hide until I have made it up to my followers.


HOWEVER——- I am now a married mother of two, not just a mother of two! 🙂 WOOOHOOO just call me Mrs. Blogger please 🙂 (It’s Blandford now for those wondering) 

Suppose I had better share a few quick pics before the monstrosity of a blog post that is due to come. 



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