Rediscovering Toddler-Hood

It’s often easy for parents to mellow into a routine that not only restricts themselves from being most productive but the children become bored and lash out and become little monsters too. It’s not to say that toddlers don’t all have their moments but as we keep them more and more engaged they have less time to delve into their pre-disposed home wrecking, mess making, over chatty ways. For me keeping Landon occupied is a daily challenge, I wouldn’t say it was a struggle because I enjoy him and his antics, I wouldn’t change his personality for a moment, hell if i wasn’t so actively chasing him around I would probably be gaining weight, ideally he’s to thank for the baby weight loss from Wyatt. I like to go back once a day and make sure that he is getting plenty of attention from mom, whether it’s when Wyatt is napping for when dads home to watch wyatt, or Wyatt is amusing himself on his playmat or swing for 15 minutes, I like to sit down and read, or find a toy he likes and get him to show me how to do it. He really is quick and bright and just simply has no where to put all of his energy into. When he is engaged he is like a different child. Unfortunately keeping him 100% occupied all day every day for 10 hours a day is just not a feasible option. I want to take a week to re evaluate our routine to plan time inside using sensory play methods and outside activities making the most of our well abled bodies to discover and get back to basics. I also want to try new foods with him, give him the chance to explore his tastes and textures and improve his self feeding skills using cutlery. I want to get to a routine where i can fit in a half hour of mom time and get myself up in the morning and be ready and prepared for him waking up, luckily its between 8 and 9 so i cant complain. I want to have a whole week focused entirely on him and making sure his routine is right for him and that he has the opportunities to develop all of his skills. Particularly using sensory play and messy play as I feel those, in our discoveries at Squiggles And Giggles are the most beneficial to my toddlers development and routine creation, when he feels secure in a routine he is more likely to listen to my demands and expectations of him  as much a toddler can manage). I would also like to find apps that are age focused, child and education centric that we can use on a daily basis to enhance his learning, he is already a whizz with technology and can unlock ipads and iphones and has been doing for a while. I will start my journey on the week beginning the 19th of August and Record a daily post on how our activities went and the recipe and pictures of our meals. 





Hope everyone is having fun with their summer holidays and their children! 🙂 Look out for lots of play ideas and reviews. 




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