My Bachelorette Party


I flat out said I was not participating in this lewd act, I had two children I wanted nothing to do with getting ”Hammered” wearing phallic shaped objects around my neck and doing shots off of random mens chests. I would sip champagne at my best, my favourite tipple and participate in girly banter, but i refused to leave the kids with anyone but my mum and especially at home, where my mum was not was difficult. I wasn’t having one, my partner was having nothing to do with any form of strippers or I had threatened all sorts, the poor boy.

However, I got to Tanzania and my friends had arranged a surprise bridal shower, of course there was plenty of phallic games and cocktails, and I did get rather tiddly, but I had my mum so i felt rest assured.Image

I was very thankful for my three bridesmaids organising such a fun affair. I even got my dancing shoes on when we crashed the maid of honour’s brothers night at some party. My bridesmaids arranged lots of games, all of course intended to make the user incredibly drunk.

There was food and cocktails and a surprise questionnaire to see how well the bride and groom knew each other, I of course passed with only 3 wrong answers, but managed to rack up 6 shots for that? I wasn’t complaining after the first one.  Image

We played making a ”penis” out of play-doh! We had time limit to see who had created the best one. And then there was drawing a man blindfolded without taking our pencils off the page we had to also give him a set of private parts. My drawing was pretty good if I must say and I was up against some real life artists!

Another game, was where each of the attendees took an object from their purses and hid it into a bag. My job was to guess which of these inanimate objects belonged to  each attendee.

I had such a lovely night and the only bachelors i danced with were two best friends from school and my friends little brother, And i’m pretty sure me making them spin me around and around isn’t on most bachelorette’s hit list! Pretty Tame night, oh, except for the throwing up.

Big thanks to my friends who could make it here in Tanzania and those who organised this deserve the biggest hugs and thank you’s that I can give.



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