The week of w’s

Weaning, wyatt, weight loss and WOW


So this week I thought I would prepare myself for when wyatt starts to wean. This week he turned 14 weeks old! Time really flies


This week he had his first time in the trolley! Previously I have placed the car seat on a small trolley and had my husband push the used trolley with Landon in 🙂 he was full of smiles all around the shop happy he could see things. He's so alert now!

I must get him weighed but since he has moved onto formula exclusively he has piled on the pounds! His little cheeks are so round and he's filling out. I've even had him in one three to sixpence item of clothing. However he fits his 0-3 well still.

I have a baby blender! Although frankly a regular one is good enough I recommend the tommee tippee version. It’s a steal at around £14.99 and cheaper from our outlet!

Aware he’s a bit young to start I want to stock up my freezer with some home made puréed foods. I have the Annabel Karmel recipe books but I’ve found a great few on the ivillage website.

I intend to give all of these a go and trial and error what he likes. Making your own babyfood means a lot of great benefits. Its economical, its fun, it means you know exactly what your baby is eating, no additives and no preservatives (sometimes i get a little scared by how long tinned food can last! however there isn’t anything wrong with using it, i have myself many times it’s jus preferable to know whats going into the food) and finally it can aid the transition from baby and toddler meals onto regular meals with the family if your child is already familiar with the food they will eat in the future and the tastes they will experience and acquire. There are some general rules for making your own baby food:

1. Good quality ingredients guarantee quality in the food. Using organic vegetables and fruits from the store will create a better and safer taste for any baby.

2. Proper equipment means you know things are being prepared properly and correctly for your child.

3. Washing vegetables and fruits before using eliminates any further risk of exposure to germs and contaminates.

4. Proper storage of food must be adhered to, typically things can be frozen for around four weeks before they must be used.

5. Making sure no skin, seeds or pips get into the purée is important as a choking hazard may present itself.

6. Microwaving food creates hot spots, stiring well is important to eliminate the risk of burning the babies mouth.

7. Refridgerating left overs is fine so long as once defrosted they are used within a three day timescale.

8. Never adding sweeteners, extra flavours that aren’t recommended and salt and pepper is important. Baby food is bland for a reason

🙂 I’m excited to start making the baby food! I went to mothercare and went nuts on a little spending spree.

However two important things I bought were storage containers. Yes, I could have bought cheap ones. However dinky diddy little boxes are just too adorable!



Wyatt’s development is spot on track. He’s been grabbing the toys on his playmat for a little while now. He can sit up unaided for a few seconds with a skilful catch from mummy when needed. He’s sitting in his bumbo chair for up to ten minutes without slouching to one side. He’s laughing his little head off. He gurgles and cooes away, he makes a “ma” sound to accompany his gurgles. He does tuck his legs in and roll. He’s losing a bit of his fluffy mop of hair! Which is sad but I know it won’t be for long. He’s so clever that he knows he doesn’t like the car stopped and he doesn’t like his car seat. These two things come accompanied with loud screams!

Wyatt and his brother have been rocking matching outfits. 🙂 I love me some baby next.




Landon is coming along great too! We’ve removed all unnecessary sugars from his diet and its making a huge difference to his energy levels. Don’t get me wrong he’d still be a challenge for most people to chase after him but he’s gotten a lot better. Certainly no chocolate is coming this way anymore!
His new favourite words are “mammy” “baby happy” “no more” and “mine” the ever classic toddler favourite!

He enjoyed messy play group today it was nice to get back into the swing of things!





He also had his weekly swimming lesson today that he adores. No floaties in this class! Just dunked and thrown! He often doesn’t want to get out after his 30 minute one on one.





He’s been helping out at the farm with my horse too!

Don’t even get me started on weightless I have hit a wall! Next week I promise I’ll do better! More horse riding more salad and more Pilates next week!



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