Wyatt Wednesday/ weighloss Wednesday: 4 months old

Disclosure: below are images which could be construed in an inappropriate manner. However they are purely to show a body transition in an honest way. They aren’t shown on any other public forum. Do understand they are for a health a fitness purpose. Apologies if you find these distasteful however there is a minimal amount of flesh from a side view. Do remember viewing this blog is of your own accord and haters will be ignored. Thanks guys! Had to say it! Although it’s practically the same as a bikini

This is obviously a few days late now. Four months has gone by since my littlest addition made his way into the family. I am a mother of boys. Three. Ok two. But the husband being an adult is debatable! Sometimes he is more work than the little cherubs.

We’re now weighing in at 15lbs which is 6.8kg making wyatt firmly on the 50th centime mark now! And he’s certainly no lightweight! At 69 centimetres in length that makes him on the 99.6 centile! I certainly don’t make short children. Although my husbands about 6ft3 which may have more to do with it than my measly 5ft6.

He’s had his second set of immunisations today and is still chirpier than I would have expected! His routine is quite good. It could be improved upon but it’s ok for now. He goes to sleep at 8.30pm and then wakes up either once or not at all. Usually waking up around 8am again once he’s had a quick bottle at about 5 he comes in beside mummy for a few hours. And I never thought I would be the attachment parenting type! However he would never be allowed for the evening or if it wasn’t the morning just for the safety reasons and liking our own space.

He’s very vocal! He laughs, coo’s screams. Certainly has a good set of lungs on him and i can begin to hear he different noises within his vocal range and how some sound like mmmmmm’s and ahhhhhhs. It’s very odd to think the talking process really begins before even these first differentiated noises!










I’m really happy at the moment for how I’ve come along body wise in four months. I’ve been only horse riding in the last two months or so but really want to take up Pilates some more to tone and strengthen my core. I’m not looking on a scales because for me that would be more detrimental than helpful in most post partum journey. The most important thing for me is to achieve my goals the right way and not fall into obsessions about a number on a scale. I’ve been making a real effort to have salads and lighter lunches and making sure I grab breakfast to postpone the snacking that undoubtedly occurs. I really don’t drink any water just soda which is so awful for me. Next month I think will be a real detox and health kick for me to be on top form otherwise I’ll continue to eat and drink crap!

I hope everyone’s journeys post partum are going well and let’s emphasise that it’s never a contest it’s about supporting one an other on every small progress that they challenge themselves with as a mother!




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