Baby food making!

I hate the idea of those jarred and canned foods. Admittedly they’re easy for on the go and I’m always on the go. But the shelf life on them is awful.

How can anything that can be preserved so long be any good for our children with all those additives and preservatives.

I’m sure I will use them from time to time but I would prefer to use my free time to pre prepare food and freeze it.

Considering we have just began to delve into first tastes I have kept everything really bland this week. With mashed potatoes and mashes swede with no additives other than formula milk and vegetable spread. We have also done a pea purée for wyatt.

When I say we I mean my husband sat on the couch while I had fun with my blender! I can’t wait to try out tastier puréed food for my little one however we made the mistake with Landon of introducing the sweet things first so he went through a phase of refusing savoury tastes.

My little one is very hungry screams if I take the spoon away and haven’t refilled it within seconds. And this is the first week! He doesn’t do the usual retaining a tiny amount and the rest is tongued back out no the thrust reflex is gone and he’s happy to sit up in a bumbo chair while eating so we felt happy to give him a few spoonfuls each day.

How has everyone approached weaning? What recipes have been good?










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