Healthy toddler snacking options:part one

My oldest little boy is 18 months now and he must be having a mad growth spurt because it feels like he is never ending on the snacking! And I’m desperately trying my hardest to keep chocolate and refined sugars away from him. He’s hyper at the best of times without any need to fuel him with more sugar.

What astounds me when doing the food shopping how openly kids chocolate and kids biscuits and crisps and sugary nonsense is just plastered in front of your face for the cheapest prices. Yet to find the organic options, the grazing and goodness snacks is no easy feat. Luckily for me I know my supermarket back to front so I do know where to find the treasures but it must be so easy for a cash and time strapped mum to think four chocolate bars for a pound great there we go, food shop accomplished. And then of course to think four bags of raisins the kids won’t be all that impressed with, may be hard to find in the store and take up more time and cost the same price hmmmm. I know it will be an easy turn to for a lot of mums. And that’s not a judgement buy your child and feed your child what you like, god knows we love a macdonalds but if you can and if you want to there are healthy snacks available to buy!

I have concentrated my shopping today on grazing foods perfect for the toddler that are healthier than the refined sugar quick fixes. Hopefully the snacks with less additives will provide a longer lasting sense of fulfilment too. The second part of my post will be snacks you can make at home and some tried and tested recipes for if you have a little more time on your hands.

This is what I found today:


These are “kiddilicious” and were four for 2 pound which isn’t great for the size but present a 100% natural, one of the five a day options my son loves these.


These are the “goodies” range by organix who are of course very well established and again four for £2.00 wasn’t bad considering the variety of choice was large and the pack sizes were a little more generous. I really rate this brand


For the more savvy of budgets there is a lot of choice from asda’s chosen for kids range! I bought some squeezy yoghurt pouches, which have guaranteed to have no artificial flavours or colors. Obviously natural sugars occur. I also got some fruit covered with yoghurt snacks and a jelly pouch which is probably the most naughty out of everything. And some normal yoghurt raisins.


Whitworth’s do a brand called frootz which is the same guaranteed lots of fruit and no nonsense additives these are fruit buttons which look like chocolate buttons to trick the children with! Even better and a brand called yoyo’s bear with a fruit winder type product that is actually again super good for you.


We also love cereal bars, go ahead fruit slices, cereal on its own, trail mixes, nuts (not allergic of course it’s a problem for kids who are or have a history in the family, don’t risk it if you can’t be certain, we tested peanuts with a stolen snicker bar at ten months! This was not fun I was panicked and wouldn’t leave my poor walking child alone until I knew he wasn’t allergic).

Any ideas let me know what works for you guys! Xoxo


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