Baking adventures

I’m writing this, a mother without children for a few hours as I sit in a salon. Unheard of? How many of us have sat with roots like god knows what down to the fact that were simply too busy with children to have time for ourselves. Well I’ve taken a stand as dad’s got a week off work I’m having a mum day getting my hair done. I deserve it. Two under two after all is no walk in the park. Sometimes I get asked how I’m not a massive big whale after two children in close succession, 15 month interval and a whopping 6 and a half stone later. That’s 91 pounds for you non Brits. Well it’s the two demonic hyperactive children. Granted the baby isn’t a problem it’s the toddler chasing. I could make it into the Olympics for toddler chasing and I reckon I might even place well.

The last few weeks I’ve been meaning to bake bake bake. And experiment. Well I’ve only had time to make a few things.
A slightly slanty botched chocolate cake with chocolate fingers all around the base and some Italian garlic focaccia from scratch! Now that didn’t fail that got eaten within seconds. And it’s not that the cake was bad, I’m a perfectionist and the cake may have tasted divine but it wasn’t up to my decor standards.













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