Kielder Winter Wonderland

Nestled away in the edge of the Northumbrian countryside is the beautiful reservoir of kielder. However it’s more than just a man made body of water, it’s beautiful, the forests surrounding have the kind of forests you’re not scared of, the floor is carpeted with green moss and shrubs so soft you could lay down on the rugged terrain with ease. The trees are so tall and sturdy they shelter the forest floor. The peaks and troughs of the earth at kielder are just magical, making it the perfect setting for the Christmas wonderland. The area we went to was called Leaplish waterside park. It’s got amazing cabins to stay in that’s definitely on our list of things to do. There was a cabin style pub overlooking the water, all rustic and comforting.











It was a lovely day there was coming into the park and seeing the guides giving us a wishing star each telling the children about frames all around the place that you could use your star to make a wish in. They were lovely light up necklaces. Then there was meeting mrs Christmas, she gave you your map and welcomed you. Then the snowy owl barn which was full of birds of prey. There was snow tubing and ice skating even for tots like Landon. But it wasn’t very slippy it wasn’t ice. Then there was a big outdoor adventure park, meeting the elves and making a toy and meeting a singing hate getting the children to join in, my husband got asked to dress like a star and sing! Then they went to a cabin and met Santa Claus himself where he knew a little about each child and presented them with a gift. We then went to the restaurant overlooking the lake and had a wonderful carvery. And afterward was a Christmas panto!

Overall a fantastic experience with the kids! And a wonderful day out


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