The Three Day Nanny Review

I picked up a book by a specialist in childcare and routines for a happy contented parent child relationship. It’s not a miracle solution but it’s certainly worked wonders in my home.

I read a few mixed reviews on this and thought I would share my experiences without going into immense detail as there are so many areas targeted in the book.

I decided that with two babies under two it was time to implement a fool proof sleeping plan. That’s all any new parent wants right? Consistent bed times and a few good hours sleep if not the whole night. Now by all means my kids weren’t bad sleepers. The older one slept from 6.30 until around 8.30 each night but my youngest wasn’t keen on the early night he would go down around 8-9pm and sleep through but wake up once or twice just for comfort because he wasn’t being snuggled and not to mention he’s a hungry little monster.

So this was frustrating. Really limiting consistent evening down time. Making it hard to plan things like the gym for myself etc. So I wanted him to sleep the same time as his brother. Now at seven months old I decided that I didn’t want to be cuddling him to sleep until he was two. Time for a little self soothe to go on. This isn’t for everyone but rest assured he wasn’t upset for very long nor left uncontrollably. A mum of my friend had told me she say outside of her babies room for hours one night in tears because her baby was in tears but needed a routine.

Again a routine isn’t everyone’s perspective on children or babies. But for us it was what we really wanted. So with the help of this fabulous book i implemented a fab bedtime routine. So amazing both of my children go to bed happily and more than willingly at 5.30pm!!! This is amazing. I can have dinner without stressing about eating too late and the house isn’t suffering. It’s spotless. Possibly because I also banned children from the living room during the daytime. They have a full playroom we can enjoy all day and let them know mum and dads space is a sanctum of well behaviour and cleanliness. The house is not theirs for the whole taking.

I’m not a fan of books that tell you what to do with your children without any knowledge of your family life. Right? Condescending. Do you even have children? Have you tried hoovering breastfeeding and disciplining at the same time?

I take these books with a pinch of salt. However this one was big on routine. Perfect I wanted my kids in a nice settled routine that I thought would help my toddler to understand what’s happening at each stage of the day without being confused and upset not knowing what to expect. It’s a little difficult because we’re active people were out and about a lot. But that’s ok we have worked it around ourselves and I really enjoyed reading her feedback and guidance broken down into age ranges. It goes from 6 month well into the childhood years. It’s a good book. I don’t follow every single principle but it’s worth a read if you have the same goals as myself.

We try to have a structured day now with exact set meal times, ways to include the children in chores and contrary to the book my 23 month old doesn’t nap at all now hence our early bed time. He doesn’t mind this approach as he’s so busy all day.

The sleep training was worth it with Wyatt. He’s now 8 months old and a happy early sleeper. Perfect. It meant on the first night I sat outside of his room for two hours while he objected to the no cuddles rule. But he was fed bathed clothed dry and not in pain of any sort. He whined. This book teaches you to differentiate between tears of distress and what’s called the “shout” or “call” simply shouting for mums attention. The second night went better! Only an hour and the third the same and by the fourth night twenty minutes. Now, over a month into the please sleep all night method he will have a bath with his brother and no one goes downstairs after this. We get ready for bed together and everyone goes into the cot drinking a bottle and falls asleep that way. Luckily Wyatt holds his own bottle happily.

Of course sleeping so long requires a middle of the night nappy change but that’s no problem when they’re sleeping so long allowing me to keep on top of myself, my uni work and the house chores. And of course my blog. No wonder I have been so busy neglecting poor milk patches!

The book combats behaviour, eating, sleeping and potty training. It’s a good consult. I haven’t stuck to every detail but taken away my favourite points and adapted them to our lifestyle and requirements. And I can see a change in myself (more calm less frustrated and more patient) and them more wiling to meet my demands. Of course if you like demand parenting where the baby lets you know their routine this isn’t so much the book for you. I however really endorse it as a read to take away at least one principle.


The book is by Kathryn Mewes and is available at many bookstores, online and at my local asda store I found it.

Happy reading!! Any of you read this book?


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