Cussons Little Explorers Review




The team over at Cussons have sent us some wonderful products to try out and as courtesy it’s only fair if I tell you all about how honestly fabulous the products are. We received three standard size products to have a little go of. I have always loved the brand since using their incredibly affordable pregnancy and new mum products for the bath. 

The products we were sent included the Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Funky Fizz Bath Crackles 30g, which retail at boots stores for £1.00, which would be well worth the price, my son loved the packaging with its ocean cartoon characters and he wanted to pour them into the bath and watch the colour change, he proceeded to tell me that it was ”izzy” meaning fizzy. The child friendly size meant that he could pout them in himself (aged 2) without massive waste, we could have saved have the product for another bath but we wanted the whole pack in for extra fun and extra greeny water. 

The next product from the line was the Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash 300ml which retails for £2.49 is a two in one product that smells just divine, without the negative side effects my son usually suffers on his skin. Trying new products, especially ones that smell is always difficult with such bad eczema. Much to our surprise the product left no detrimental skin effects and just left my kids smelling fantastic. Not only did it smell great but it was a two in one saving us a great deal of time in the bath.

The final, and i’m sure everyones favourite product is the Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Super Soft Squidgy Soap 200ml, the product seemed great value for money, only a small squirt provided a substantial amount to squidge up and mould. It wasn’t as soft as I expected, it was really mouldable! Really great fun to play with. We would recommend this to anyone, it was sensory play for the bathtub! 


Overall these products smelled great, were great value for money and were child friendly and extremely fun for the bath!



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