Wyatt 9/10 months review :)

It seems the roles have been reversed in my household. Dad has become Landon’s fave because dad doesn’t make him brush his teeth, wash his hair, change his bum when it’s playtime, he doesn’t make him wear shoes demand no snacks before a meal, doesn’t give him wrong it’s a dads life really πŸ™‚ gets to do all the fun things. However he’s still a mommas boy at heart. Although I often find them both sneaking off to climb into our bed mid day to watch peppa pig and laze. Landon has been attending a preschool nursery a few days a week and Wyatt has just become this little tiny ball of terror. If you haven’t feared the power of a baby you haven’t met my little manipulator. The kicky floor strops and fake whimper then laugh are something I think he deserves an oscar for! He bites his brother and laughs and then beams his cheesy “I have six teeth” smile and continues on with his agenda of mischief. His brother is very accepting of the nibbles and nips and hair pulls. Moreover in public Landon now has the power to heel like a dog and hold my hand while walking nicely. Should Wyatt be given the chance to escape he clambers over to the nearest inanimate object to chew pull or terrorise it. Saying all of this he is very cute. Since we moved on from various double prams and strollers around 4/5 months ago we haven’t bought him his own real sturdy pram. So pram shopping was on the agenda! I finally went back to a brand I trust mamas and papas and bought the Sola 2, we had the sola 1 for Landon once we had discarded of our large baby pram and I loved it! So now he has his own lovely sturdy happy pushchair. He’s not happy with a flimsy stroller he flops to the side and squeals. He started walking exactly the same age as his brother at nine and a half months and now has no fear scaling whole rooms on his feet at a pace of an infant Olympian. πŸ™‚ whilst I still think he looks like a baby baby I have to realise that birthday next month is creeping up! Almost a whole one years old! I shall leave you with a few snaps of him over the last two months xoxox thanks for reading











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