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About Myself

Grew up in the North of England by the sea, My father moved overseas when i was 6 as an expatriate to Ghana, where myself and my mother followed for all the holidays we could grasp, when I was 11 we moved to the capital city, Accra, Where i attended a private American School. Two years later we moved to Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam where I again attended another private International school. I lived here till I graduated at 18. Now I have a wonderful partner, a little boy and another on the way! I am currently Studying Early Childhood Education to be a teacher and then university lecturer.

As a younger mum, I often find myself stuck in the stipulations other people place upon you, forgetting I come from a well cultured background, a stable home of my own , an older partner and a domestication not often found in ”teen mums” I get to see both ends of the parenting spectrum.

This blog follows the trials and tribulations of the journey of a mummy struggling to keep the balance between the yummy and the mummy!


7 thoughts on “About This Mummy

  1. This is just to say thank you so much for featuring us on your blog. We really appreciate it so a big thank you from everyone at Pink Lining x

  2. Hi Danielle

    I hope you are well. I thought your ‘about me’ section was really cool. What was it like growing up in Tanzania? I went out there for a month in 2007, was a really cool experience- I didn’t spend much time in Daar Es Saalam, but in Moshi.

    I am doing some online work for Galt Toys, and just wondered if you had seen their recent post on ‘Play Amnesia’. Their survey indicates the effects of technology on parents, and playtime for children. Some of the facts are unbelievable and I’d definitely recommend taking a look. You can find it here: http://blog.galttoys.com/2013/06/14/play-amnesia/

    I hope you find the blog interesting! Let your friends know about it too! On a side note, if you would be interested in working with Galt Toys in the future, please drop me an email on piketim22@gmail.com

    Have a great week!


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