Bucket List 2013

I feel like their are constantly a million things that I have on my to do list, that I want to get done and always postpone or forget. This is my list of the things I want to do with my boys, The other half and Landon Joe and soon with little bump aswell! This way I can cross them off as I go and I have extra things to blog about!


1. Get Married!! July 27th 2013

2. Christen my new baby boy *Theme Noah’s Ark*

3. Plan/Have my bridal shower

4. Have my wedding dinner after the wedding abroad August 9th

5. Have my wedding reception after the wedding abroad!

6. Second vacation to Tanzania in October

7. My 21st Birthday!


1. Find 20 new recipes to try and post about them when I have done each one

2. Finish my scrapbook for Landon

3. Start a scrapbook for New baby

4. Plan an awesome 2nd Birthday for Landon

5. Make meringue pops! 🙂


1. Take my little guy to the Zoo and fill in a zoo passport 🙂

2. Take Landon to a beach near by and run free! Look for fish and things in the rockpools

3. On a picnic in the hills near a waterfall to play in (Invest in baby reins)

4. Take the kids to a farm where animal feeding/handling is allowed. CHECK

5. Find the best playground around! Test out all of the slides.

6. Drive to our favourite designer store village and spend a night after shopping 🙂

7. To the centre for life with the kids

8. Attend Morpeth Fair (FUNFAIR) June 9th 2013

9. A Christmas Fair

Do & Buy

1. Get matching RL outfits for Daddy and Landon and Little One

2.  Landon to pre-school french classes

3. Music with mummy classes!

4. Start swimming lessons with Landon by autumn

5. Visit the library twice a month with Landon

6. Finish my second year of University with good grades! 🙂

7. Squiggles and Giggles with little man!

8. Host as many BBQ’s as the weather will permit!

9. Finish my garden! Furniture, Lawn, Edging, Conifers and Decor!

10. Attend a kids sale and sell some stuff!

11. Regularly attend playgroup at the school we want little guy in!

12. Maternity shoot

13. Newborn shoot!


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