Wyatt 9/10 months review :)

It seems the roles have been reversed in my household. Dad has become Landon’s fave because dad doesn’t make him brush his teeth, wash his hair, change his bum when it’s playtime, he doesn’t make him wear shoes demand no snacks before a meal, doesn’t give him wrong it’s a dads life really ūüôā gets to do all the fun things. However he’s still a mommas boy at heart. Although I often find them both sneaking off to climb into our bed mid day to watch peppa pig and laze. Landon has been attending a preschool nursery a few days a week and Wyatt has just become this little tiny ball of terror. If you haven’t feared the power of a baby you haven’t met my little manipulator. The kicky floor strops and fake whimper then laugh are something I think he deserves an oscar for! He bites his brother and laughs and then beams his cheesy “I have six teeth” smile and continues on with his agenda of mischief. His brother is very accepting of the nibbles and nips and hair pulls. Moreover in public Landon now has the power to heel like a dog and hold my hand while walking nicely. Should Wyatt be given the chance to escape he clambers over to the nearest inanimate object to chew pull or terrorise it. Saying all of this he is very cute. Since we moved on from various double prams and strollers around 4/5 months ago we haven’t bought him his own real sturdy pram. So pram shopping was on the agenda! I finally went back to a brand I trust mamas and papas and bought the Sola 2, we had the sola 1 for Landon once we had discarded of our large baby pram and I loved it! So now he has his own lovely sturdy happy pushchair. He’s not happy with a flimsy stroller he flops to the side and squeals. He started walking exactly the same age as his brother at nine and a half months and now has no fear scaling whole rooms on his feet at a pace of an infant Olympian. ūüôā whilst I still think he looks like a baby baby I have to realise that birthday next month is creeping up! Almost a whole one years old! I shall leave you with a few snaps of him over the last two months xoxox thanks for reading











Cussons Little Explorers Review




The team over at Cussons have sent us some wonderful products to try out and as courtesy it’s only fair if I tell you all about how honestly fabulous the products are. We received three standard size products to have a little go of. I have always loved the brand since using their incredibly affordable pregnancy and new mum products for the bath.¬†

The products we were sent included the¬†Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Funky Fizz Bath Crackles 30g, which retail at boots stores for ¬£1.00, which would be well worth the price, my son loved the packaging with its ocean cartoon characters and he wanted to pour them into the bath and watch the colour change, he proceeded to tell me that it was ”izzy” meaning fizzy. The child friendly size meant that he could pout them in himself (aged 2) without massive waste, we could have saved have the product for another bath but we wanted the whole pack in for extra fun and extra greeny water.¬†

The next product from the line was the Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Happy Splashy Hair & Body Wash 300ml which retails for £2.49 is a two in one product that smells just divine, without the negative side effects my son usually suffers on his skin. Trying new products, especially ones that smell is always difficult with such bad eczema. Much to our surprise the product left no detrimental skin effects and just left my kids smelling fantastic. Not only did it smell great but it was a two in one saving us a great deal of time in the bath.

The final, and i’m sure everyones favourite product is the¬†Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers Super Soft Squidgy Soap¬†200ml, the product seemed great value for money, only a small squirt provided a substantial amount to squidge up and mould. It wasn’t as soft as I expected, it was really mouldable! Really great fun to play with. We would recommend this to anyone, it was sensory play for the bathtub!¬†


Overall these products smelled great, were great value for money and were child friendly and extremely fun for the bath!



Landon’s Second Birthday!

My little man turned two last week. TWO. That’s just outrageous. I’ll remind you he was born in 2012 at 3.06pm on the 6th March by elective cesarean section. And exclusively formula fed. While my choices in feeding rapidly changed for baby number two and I became a full blown boob freak! By birthing selection didn’t. Two very short years later my little guy has celebrated up a storm for his birthday with lots of activities and a fun after hours party with his friends and family at a local softplay. As fitting as the location deemed treasure island we went with a pirate themed cake! And anyone who knows me knows I love an event. I especially love to design elaborate cakes for my functions. My baking is pretty good but my decorating not so much strays from rose swirls on cupcakes, so I enlisted the help of local cake hero Allison Allan. She was recommended when my usual lady was fully booked and as I find myself leaving cakes till later and later to book shes soon becoming a life saver to me.




We’re big on “OOTDs”. I wore an AQ/AQ jumpsuit in neutrals, Wyatt wore a Boss polo with Ralph Lauren slacks and Landon wore a more formal pair of dress pants and a waistcoat and shirt. Perfect attire for a pirate birthday boy!






On his actual birthday a few days prior, he had a made by mum Thomas the tank engine cake and got way too spoiled with presents. WAY too spoiled. But if you can why not. We bought him mostly things for the garden ( Little Tikes Anchors Away table, trampoline, Little Tikes Activity Cube, Thomas the Tank Engine electric ride on and track) and on order is a large jungle gym for he and his brother. I do spoil them but it’s mostly only on occasions. I can’t help it however these things are mostly for both babies and will last for a few years so potentially we just won’t have anything to buy which will hinder our spoiling. When I say our, I mean mine. That I drag husband into. Poor guy.
Safe to say he’s had a lovely birthday with some lovely presents and company from fabulous people.








9 things I should feel guilty about BUT don’t

I read an old article from a site about why you shouldn’t feel guilty about the things that go through your mind as a mother. Here are a few from the post (www.parenting.com) that I loved and a few more additions of my own! Let me know your own thoughts aswell.


1. Loving your child, hating the pregnancy journey:

I know mothers who adored every second of pregnancy. I can safely say that I hated about 75% of it. Sure the scans are beautiful, the buying baby things is great, the excitement about names and nurseries is a joy but come on? The glow everyone was discussing, that was just fat forming around my solid jaw line, creeping into my face and seeping out like a disgusting tube of crisco had been implanted under my skin. Those little stretch marks around my ass not just leaving tempestuous scars but serving as a daily reminder that your ass is growing into another zip code, and those hips wont ever fuse closer together. I was sick, violently, 7 times a day until the 20 week mark. I got pee all over my hands trying numerous tests, oh and the grossest one, is what those lady bits go through, the increase in urine infections many women experience or GOD FORBID PILES. I didn’t experience piles, just putting it out there ( although you know its normal and all good luck with that). Ain’t nobody told me when baby sat on a vessel my lady bits were going to swell up so much they would frighten my doctor. YEAH and it stayed that way for four days. four actual days. My doting husband. oh yes, him. Well quite frankly he didn’t like the second pregnancy, crazy hormones demanding and bitching at him, yeah well, you did this to me…..( That’s what it turns into, a blame game, for every little symptom, it’s someone else’s fault. And after my bump got so big, yes it did get rather large. He wasn’t keen on hurting the baby with intercourse, SCREW YOU. hurting the baby, you just didn’t like those newfound glowy changes to my magnificient womans body. I WAS SIZE SEXY YOU ASSHOLE. I waddled around in mostly lycra or spandex or easy fit cotton, or breathable materials. I wore fat pants! k! You happy now. And then the baby was sliced out through my size sexy body and it all got better again. I’m not saying I liked it, because I didn’t it was a necessary evil to bring my beautiful boys into this world.I’m just a little tired of everyone using the magical word about it. RANT OVER.¬†

2. Tedious child activities.

Okay, the first time you go down the slide is GREAT, the first time you say momma is fantastic. The first time you rolled or crawled or walked is amazing. The tenth time even. But then i’m standing there hoisting you back onto the top of the slide, or you’re in the store yelling mother at me a million times over, or you’re rolling into the walls, or crawling up my tv stand, or the stairs or the drawers, or the bookshelves. You see my dilemma, faking my big wide smile makes me want to hire full time help.

3. Noticing other DILFS

Can’t help it. I have to find something in my mundane baby lifestyle that makes it worth getting up at 7am to get to baby group. Yup, its you there in the corner with the child. come hither.¬†

4. Having five minutes of silence

Husband comes home, suddenly I need the bathroom, whether it’s to read or to play on some form of technology I am locking myself away until you ask if I am ok. Yes shut up i’m fine i just wanted to enjoy the nothingness, no one watching me urinate, or tugging on my legs or dragging me to MORE MEGABLOCKS. (Worst toys invented, i’m dreading lego). I jokingly suggested a yoga retreat just for me with buddhist monks. Except I am not kidding.

5. Buying expensive children’s clothing to get sick on, or food or milk. BUT they look cool yeah?

6. Buying cheaper baby clothes, but they’re only going to get sick or food or milk on.

7. Taking your child to overly stimulating activities to socialise

Yeah that’s right, toddler group? music class? coordination and sensory groups? uh huh! i’m going to keep a careful eye on my child as i gab away with other mothers. or you know if i am lucky the dilfs.

8. Not having enough faith.

I want to take my children to church, I do. I am a newly spiritual person (I like to party, I like to indulge in some sins from time to time. but the wholesome and so honest way of raising children with manners and morals makes me want to adopt faith as part of our daily lives) But then I don’t have a clue where to start as I wasn’t raised within a faith.

9. Writing this post when I have been cleaning the kitchen for three hours? Yeah i’m going to get around to it ok.


Mothers united I say, admit what you do that you know is a little shitty. It’s ok. We’re all doing the same job. Admittedly this post is a little intense, a little over the top and a little ranty and come on? A little brilliant. Say it. Express it. Just admit it!¬†


Rainbow pancakes!

Not the most aesthetically please thing we’ve ever made together in the kitchen! However these are rainbow mini pancakes.

I used gel colourings with a traditional “pouring batter” pancake recipe. From the UK timeless Bero baking book.

And then cooked them on my sandwich press! Perfect way to avoid oily pancakes and nice and quick to do many mini ones at a time. Safe to say there are none left. My 8 month old was even chomping away on one.

It’s hard to know when they’re done like regular pancakes seeing as the pancake doesn’t visibly brown as easy as one without colouring does!



The Three Day Nanny Review

I picked up a book by a specialist in childcare and routines for a happy contented parent child relationship. It’s not a miracle solution but it’s certainly worked wonders in my home.

I read a few mixed reviews on this and thought I would share my experiences without going into immense detail as there are so many areas targeted in the book.

I decided that with two babies under two it was time to implement a fool proof sleeping plan. That’s all any new parent wants right? Consistent bed times and a few good hours sleep if not the whole night. Now by all means my kids weren’t bad sleepers. The older one slept from 6.30 until around 8.30 each night but my youngest wasn’t keen on the early night he would go down around 8-9pm and sleep through but wake up once or twice just for comfort because he wasn’t being snuggled and not to mention he’s a hungry little monster.

So this was frustrating. Really limiting consistent evening down time. Making it hard to plan things like the gym for myself etc. So I wanted him to sleep the same time as his brother. Now at seven months old I decided that I didn’t want to be cuddling him to sleep until he was two. Time for a little self soothe to go on. This isn’t for everyone but rest assured he wasn’t upset for very long nor left uncontrollably. A mum of my friend had told me she say outside of her babies room for hours one night in tears because her baby was in tears but needed a routine.

Again a routine isn’t everyone’s perspective on children or babies. But for us it was what we really wanted. So with the help of this fabulous book i implemented a fab bedtime routine. So amazing both of my children go to bed happily and more than willingly at 5.30pm!!! This is amazing. I can have dinner without stressing about eating too late and the house isn’t suffering. It’s spotless. Possibly because I also banned children from the living room during the daytime. They have a full playroom we can enjoy all day and let them know mum and dads space is a sanctum of well behaviour and cleanliness. The house is not theirs for the whole taking.

I’m not a fan of books that tell you what to do with your children without any knowledge of your family life. Right? Condescending. Do you even have children? Have you tried hoovering breastfeeding and disciplining at the same time?

I take these books with a pinch of salt. However this one was big on routine. Perfect I wanted my kids in a nice settled routine that I thought would help my toddler to understand what’s happening at each stage of the day without being confused and upset not knowing what to expect. It’s a little difficult because we’re active people were out and about a lot. But that’s ok we have worked it around ourselves and I really enjoyed reading her feedback and guidance broken down into age ranges. It goes from 6 month well into the childhood years. It’s a good book. I don’t follow every single principle but it’s worth a read if you have the same goals as myself.

We try to have a structured day now with exact set meal times, ways to include the children in chores and contrary to the book my 23 month old doesn’t nap at all now hence our early bed time. He doesn’t mind this approach as he’s so busy all day.

The sleep training was worth it with Wyatt. He’s now 8 months old and a happy early sleeper. Perfect. It meant on the first night I sat outside of his room for two hours while he objected to the no cuddles rule. But he was fed bathed clothed dry and not in pain of any sort. He whined. This book teaches you to differentiate between tears of distress and what’s called the “shout” or “call” simply shouting for mums attention. The second night went better! Only an hour and the third the same and by the fourth night twenty minutes. Now, over a month into the please sleep all night method he will have a bath with his brother and no one goes downstairs after this. We get ready for bed together and everyone goes into the cot drinking a bottle and falls asleep that way. Luckily Wyatt holds his own bottle happily.

Of course sleeping so long requires a middle of the night nappy change but that’s no problem when they’re sleeping so long allowing me to keep on top of myself, my uni work and the house chores. And of course my blog. No wonder I have been so busy neglecting poor milk patches!

The book combats behaviour, eating, sleeping and potty training. It’s a good consult. I haven’t stuck to every detail but taken away my favourite points and adapted them to our lifestyle and requirements. And I can see a change in myself (more calm less frustrated and more patient) and them more wiling to meet my demands. Of course if you like demand parenting where the baby lets you know their routine this isn’t so much the book for you. I however really endorse it as a read to take away at least one principle.


The book is by Kathryn Mewes and is available at many bookstores, online and at my local asda store I found it.

Happy reading!! Any of you read this book?


The Momasaurus Rex

There is a mom strolling down the street wearing her high heels and her expensive clothes with her expensive NON changing bag and you’ve thought, man she’s far too dolled up for motherhood, good luck with the spilling baby food and puke. There is a mom walking into a restaurant wth bedraggled hair, a bulging waistband and shabby looking clothes, she could at least make an effort with her appearance. There is a mom wearing her baby carrying a hemp sack, she should be more traditional, there’s that mom in the cafe with her breast out, she should be more reserved. There is a mom who hasn’t lost enough baby weight/has lost too much baby weight. She looks ridiculous. Is that mom not breastfeeding, is that mom breastfeeding! Has that child got designer gear on, how ridiculous. Has that child got george clothing on, how absurdly un-proud of ones appearance. Has that mom got a sports car, how impractical, has that mom got a mom van, how comically fitting for her new lack of life. HAS THAT MOM GOT A LIFE OUTSIDE OF HER CHILDREN? HOW DARE SHE.


We have all been guilty of it, we have all looked at another parents style, technique, skills, image, diet, child’s image and expressed a negative or derogatory opinion. I know I have. These women, all of us are monsters, The Momasaurus Rex. Society and image have become imprinted into our brains, it’s subconscious, I personally do not judge anyone who wants to judge my style, my parenting style or my life. I’m an open book. Feel free to judge me, is it right, NO. Have I done it myself. Yes. Do I wish to keep doing it? No.


We become pole bearers for future mothers, expectant mother, new mothers and reforming mothers. My only goal is to allow people to see the error I saw in my own ways. Whether I voiced the things that I thought or not, it was wrong of me to think them in the first place. I would like to see a community within motherhood. We are all united by a common goal. Whether we breastfeed, make our own baby food, use pre-packaged baby food. I only encourage people to become the best version of a parent they themselves can be.

I would look at people and think , I beat her baby weightloss, I breastfed longer, I do more things with my children. And thats how the marketing of baby items and mommy clubs exists. Because we’re all in a secret contest with one another. I need to be the best, better than anyone else. No. I discourage this behaviour. Simply do not put yourself in direct comparison to another woman or couple for that matter. It doesn’t bring you happiness. All those INSTA MEMES, of how happiness is self derived are true. Be the best version of yourself, be your own competition.

Whether its right or wrong what another mother is doing lets be aware of their personal choices. Lets all make a conscious effort to stop judging each other and concentrate on being the best of ourselves, for ourselves and our children and the sisterhood.

As my first post of the new year, I realise it’s long awaited, my hiatus has not been a mindless month and a half it’s been thinking about my own life and thinking what i can provide out there that is constructive to the world of moms.

When you’re tempted to question how another mother can leave their baby with a relative and go on vacation, go to a spa, go on a night out, go to the gym, take another child to an activity. Imagine yourself in their shoes, you don’t know whats going on at home. It’s a form of grown up bullying. Lets make people feel bad about themselves for their parenting choices. Lets not! Media criticises enough of our lives and choices not to mention the continual scrutiny that parents receive.

Is that photograph of peaches geldof losing her baby from the pram shocking? Yes it is, but we don’t know what the call was about? We don’t know what the circumstances were? Has no body had a crazy five minutes where something accidental has happened and you can’t go back on what you did wrong or right. Has your child fallen? or the baby fave of rolling off a raised surface? Perhaps. Or Perhaps not. But we only see maybe 1/3 of the story behind an image, or a sight on a street. How many of us have thought, I am not shouting at my child in a store it’s beyond embarrassing, until you get there right? Child number one is crying and unsettled, child number two first grabs the jello and spills it on an aisle of the supermarket, child number two then wants everything from the shelves, husband has text asking whats for dinner, you forgot you hadn’t prepared anything and must go back to the first aisle of the store, while child number two still needs a snack, and the phone is ringing because child number three is ill at school, and child number one still won’t stop crying and you have forgotten a pacifier/dummy/comforter/bottle. Yeah, you feel a little tempted to shout at someone and scold someone. It’s ok. I will give you the I have been there smile, I won’t turn to a friend and say look at her shouting at her child. I can’t judge you until i’m in your shoes at that time of the day.

I recently saw a post by a non parent on a social media sight shaming mothers who have been out socialising in the evening. I enjoy a social life outside of my children. I don’t want to sit at home 52 weekends out of the year. And you know what if my husband/best friend/mother/father/uncle/grandmother wants to stay at my home with the children while I participate in a region of adult life, I’m gonna and I don’t care what you have to say about it. YOU have no place. YOU have no right. I do enjoy myself, I regularly go out sober, maybe one every three months do i get a little inebriated, I don’t have to explain myself to you, NON MOTHER. I always come home to my children before they wake up, hell even if you stay out or leave them somewhere that’s your personal choice.Take your judgement somewhere else. It ain’t welcome. If you’re lucky enough to have the chance to not let a social life end with the birth of a baby good for you. (I’m not talking drugs and bad behaviour here, FYI i’m not condoning that kinda stuff).

The point is i’m not better than you for breastfeeding, making my own food, buying the best clothes, anymore than you are for co-sleeping, baby wearing, banning media, weaning a little early. If your choices are justified enough for you, Then they are justified enough for me.

I don’t mind if your baby crawls before mine, they are people not horses at a racing ground. Not bets on a Super Bowl game. I will be proud for you and your child and know they all develop at different times.

If you have felt a little guilty maybe over a thought you have had, it’s not our fault, it’s society and the media and today’s culture. I invite you to stop thinking in statistics, what is drummed into us and what society perceives and open yourselves to the notions and ideas of other parents and mothers. Give advice that is constructive not demanding, give guidance, not shaming. And be loving and warm.


xoxo. Thank you for having me back! Glad to be back in business