So we all spend ridiculous amounts of money on things our infants wear once, twice, maybe three times if they’re lucky. We are all guilty of it, most of Wyatt’s got worn once and a lot have still got tags on! You think I would learn my lesson after already having one baby. So this week will be a sale every day until I’ve exhausted all categories, the first one being designer clothes. Monday will be NEXT (UK brand, mid price range) I have a ton of that, I also have baby supplies (pushchair brand new, highchair rarely used, car seat, breast pumps etc). I live in the North East of England and if you live within 15 miles of me i will deliver for a small fuel surcharge, and if you live elsewhere in the UK, it’s only £3.00 for any item to be delivered. My items are all in great condition. If you have any queries please contact me at : danielledickinson@live.com


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Keep an eye out for tommorows NEXT BUNDLES! NEWBORN AND 0-3


Wyatt Wednesday/ weighloss Wednesday: 4 months old

Disclosure: below are images which could be construed in an inappropriate manner. However they are purely to show a body transition in an honest way. They aren’t shown on any other public forum. Do understand they are for a health a fitness purpose. Apologies if you find these distasteful however there is a minimal amount of flesh from a side view. Do remember viewing this blog is of your own accord and haters will be ignored. Thanks guys! Had to say it! Although it’s practically the same as a bikini

This is obviously a few days late now. Four months has gone by since my littlest addition made his way into the family. I am a mother of boys. Three. Ok two. But the husband being an adult is debatable! Sometimes he is more work than the little cherubs.

We’re now weighing in at 15lbs which is 6.8kg making wyatt firmly on the 50th centime mark now! And he’s certainly no lightweight! At 69 centimetres in length that makes him on the 99.6 centile! I certainly don’t make short children. Although my husbands about 6ft3 which may have more to do with it than my measly 5ft6.

He’s had his second set of immunisations today and is still chirpier than I would have expected! His routine is quite good. It could be improved upon but it’s ok for now. He goes to sleep at 8.30pm and then wakes up either once or not at all. Usually waking up around 8am again once he’s had a quick bottle at about 5 he comes in beside mummy for a few hours. And I never thought I would be the attachment parenting type! However he would never be allowed for the evening or if it wasn’t the morning just for the safety reasons and liking our own space.

He’s very vocal! He laughs, coo’s screams. Certainly has a good set of lungs on him and i can begin to hear he different noises within his vocal range and how some sound like mmmmmm’s and ahhhhhhs. It’s very odd to think the talking process really begins before even these first differentiated noises!










I’m really happy at the moment for how I’ve come along body wise in four months. I’ve been only horse riding in the last two months or so but really want to take up Pilates some more to tone and strengthen my core. I’m not looking on a scales because for me that would be more detrimental than helpful in most post partum journey. The most important thing for me is to achieve my goals the right way and not fall into obsessions about a number on a scale. I’ve been making a real effort to have salads and lighter lunches and making sure I grab breakfast to postpone the snacking that undoubtedly occurs. I really don’t drink any water just soda which is so awful for me. Next month I think will be a real detox and health kick for me to be on top form otherwise I’ll continue to eat and drink crap!

I hope everyone’s journeys post partum are going well and let’s emphasise that it’s never a contest it’s about supporting one an other on every small progress that they challenge themselves with as a mother!




Wyatt’s Christening :)

Wyatt Hudson Robert Blandford


Wyatt’s Cake 🙂 As shown above, Noah’s Ark themed event, his edible goodies were my favourite.

IMG_6759 IMG_6761 IMG_6762 IMG_6763


Christened on the 18/08/2013! AS IF I am only posting now! Although we aren’t over the top religious, we don’t pray on a regular basis, we don’t attend services or mass, we do enjoy the notion of having a faith basis, showing our children that there is an option to worship if they desire. The values of the church are nice, we would like to send our children to a school sponsored by the local church as it’s one of the best in our area in the nicest town, and I feel having an understanding of the church and being a christian will help our children in the school, my choices for pre-school are also church based groups from the age of 2.

We had such a lovely day, My favourite part is knowing that my baby has had his day, it makes up for not having a party when they’re born, it means everyone gets to celebrate this little person’s life. I had five generations in one room on my dads side of the family. Wyatt and Landon have great great grandparents who are still alive.  The best bit really is having his name presented to the whole family, and witnessed by everyone who came. Wyatt is our first choice of name for him with Hudson being a trendy addition we admired, then Robert is for my late grandmother Roberta who is a sad miss in the family, and of course his last name being my new last name to make us a complete family unit.

We had the service at a church that my husbands grandmother and late grandfather were married at, the church means a lot to us and it’s where Landon was christened too, and then at  family friendly pub with a big outdoor play area on the edge of a local lake for the after party.

Had such a good day and great friends and godparents came along to it. He also was spoiled rotten with presents!


 IMG_6889 IMG_6893 IMG_6895 IMG_6897 IMG_6898 IMG_6899 IMG_6900 IMG_6901 IMG_6911

Christened on the 18/08/2013! AS IF I am only posting now! Although we aren’t over the top religious, we don’t pray on a regular basis, we don’t attend services or mass, we do enjoy the notion of having a faith basis, showing our children that there is an option to worship if they desire. The values of the church are nice, we would like to send our children to a school sponsored by the local church as it’s one of the best in our area in the nicest town, and I feel having an understanding of the church and being a christian will help our children in the school, my choices for pre-school are also church based groups from the age of 2.



Wyatt Wednesday :) 12 weeks old

Wow! So life has been so hectic I’m only just getting chance to blog now. And believe me, I feel horrendous for not blogging. However, we have been so full of busy! I’ve gotten myself sorted with a new horse so that’s a daily chore, but of course I’m enjoying it thoroughly! We had a wedding dinner with the family then a wedding party and a night out with a couple friend of ours. And then we did wyatts christening on Sunday and a lovely dinner party last night and all of last week I was completing a 3000 word essay per day to catch up on things I missed during the wedding!

So that’s my second year of a bachelors degree in early childhood studies, to go onto teaching and lecturing, all done! Bring on third year in about a months time. I’m really enjoying the flexibility of a distance degree it helps with having two young babies!

I’ve still to do posts for lots of our events and of course the little guys christening so I’ll start catching up.

However this ones just a little catch up on his development at this age.





As you can probably guess we are getting a million and one smiles from him now 🙂 although he was a little late to start with them.

He can roll. He’s done it about three or four times. The first when he was only two weeks old from the front to the back. However as he’s gained some chunk he’s just lifting his legs and shuftying to the side now.

He is 12 lbs exactly now, as checked last week so he’s probably gained a few ounces. He’s in 0-3 clothes comfortably. When I have to change up I’m going to be incredibly upset that he’s getting bigger!







We had one few second sit from him. 🙂 however he won’t be strong enough for a while yet, we did get the bumbo seat out from Landon to have a go of, and the jumperoo but that will be a little while yet.

He’s making cute little gurgles and cooing and laughing at himself.

He loves bathtime and he’s getting much more active day by day. He rarely sleeps through the day more having one or two very short cat naps.

At night he’s still good but not consistent just yet. He keeps going through growth spurts, however he’s never been up more than once a night (fingers crossed).

I am no longer breast feeding, with a toddler and a crazy schedule like mine it was nearly impossible. I was heartbroken to give it up and move to formula and the transition meant a rough few unsettled days for wyatt that was just so hideous to watch the colic and constipation. However he has settled nicely now on cow and gate.

We swapped over to the tommee tippee advanced colic protection bottles and we can get 4 for £15.00 as we live about ten minutes from the factory shop!

We also bought ourselves the tommee tippee perfect prep machine which is like baby espresso machine! Can’t wait to write my review for it! It makes bottles at ready to serve temp!

We have had a fab three months and I just can’t wait for three more 🙂



Wyatt/Weightloss Wednesday week #6

So here is week six and the blog post is one day late. That’s about right as of course it’s so damn difficult to be on time with a newborn and a toddler. However both are asleep so that suits me to slot a blog session while I tan on the sunbed. Typical mother style, ten things at once.

The weather is just so amazing for the UK right now. Can’t believe it. We have been making the most of it. I’ve been so busy the last two days I haven’t had chance to stop and eat solid set meals. It’s been when I can, so that and based upon chasing Landon around may have helped my figure this week.

I haven’t done any form of exercise in the slightest and I’m far too busy to contemplate it.


I’m not how I was. In fact two stone over but I don’t care. I fit in my wedding dress and that will do me just fine.

My breastpump decided to break on me today. 6 weeks in and that’s two down?! No fair! Not impressed. I’m having to manually express until tommorow now.

We’ve had swimming lessons for Landon, messy playgroup, softplay meets and I even did my first back to work shoot in the studio last night which Is why I couldn’t post. Yet to get any images back but I might share 🙂

Wyatt did his first real smile today… At a complete stranger. Cheers little boy. Cheeky indeed!

He’s 9lb 14oz now and still trapped between first size and 1 month clothes. The 0-3 things are just enormous. Poor boy. Glad to have an ickle baba this time though.

His routines becoming more apparent. Now I can’t decide what type of routine we have. We do baby led feeds so on demand with no set intervals. It would break my heart not feeding him when he asked for it, after all under 6 months a cry means something needs seen to. However I know everyone’s styles are different. Let me know what works for you. Nothing worse than being told what to do.

His sleeping is still amazing. Usually 8pm till 4-6am which is phenomenal for me. Not great for milk supply however.

Have sorted lots of things for our upcoming vacation! Will pack their bags over the weekend and share my travel essentials.




Belated post #1 Wyatt/Weightloss Wednesday

This post is a few days late! Eek! However I couldn’t leave you all out of week five with newborn Wyatt. However at week five I’m sure he is losing that whole newborn status.





This week I left him for the first time! 😦 just for two hours while I went to a makeshift hen party. I decided against the whole bachelorette thing just out of lack of time really. And inability to get a plethora of different kinds of people together. I couldn’t express enough milk to be sure it would tide him over. Alas! He was left one bottle of formula 😦 I’m not sure why this upsets me so much because Landon was exclusively bottle fed formula milk. But when I look back I can see how he suffered with terrible constipation and a light dose of colic and griping. When wyatt had those first few top ups of formula in the first two days he had terrible wind. Just reminiscent of Landon as a newborn. However to cheer me up about my leaving formula slump a friend told me their little quote which is quite brilliant.

‘look at it this way it’s like champagne and sparkling wine, both [breast milk and formula] will get you drunk but one is undoubtedly tastier and one is just a cheap replica’ Lisa Keech, 2013

And she’s right both do the job. Formula is just a last last resort for us but was what we relied on all the time with Landon. So I didn’t panic. I just knew what he would prefer. The noobs typical. A real man in training. He was fine as traumatising as the two whole hours were for his mummy being away.

He’s growing I can tell. We didn’t make it to weighing. But I’m imagining he’s in the nine pound range now following his growth centile. We will find out for sure on Monday at breastfeeding group!

On that note, it’s still going well. Expressing and feeding contact. I even did it in a massively public place! On a bench in a super busy shopping mall! Brave! I think so! I started out terrified of the thought and today just bolstered up to that bench and got to it. Needs must!

He’s still such a great sleeper only up once between four and five and then down for a few more hours after that. Landon slept his first whole night at around 8/9 weeks so he’s got some beating to do 🙂

I’m going to start taking some fenugreek tablets just to keep my milk supply strong. I’m pretty easy to freak out about levels. It’s peace of mind really. Has anyone used those before?

The wedding is just a few weeks away now so I’m super excited!! Will have to post my essential baby packing guide for vacations

As for my weight loss I’ve actually dropped about 3 pounds this week. I’m guessing from physically chasing Landon around but I haven’t changed my incredibly unhealthy diet or done any exercise. I’m not willing to sacrifice my treats.

Here’s a stomach shot: this is 5 weeks post partum. And yes I have been on the sunbed a few times I’m lucky enough to have my own at home.


Till next week! 🙂 xoxo


Things no one ever told you about having babies and toddlers

I was fully prepared for my son Landon. I knew what I was getting into from experience childminding and babysitting and mounds of philanthropic work. I knew what to expect.

WELL I thought I did. Doesn’t everyone. You can’t possibly expect your children to manage to accomplish some of the amazingly impossible feats that they do. Here are some things i discovered about being a mum.

1. Boob juice can spray. In many directions.

2. The first time your child is sick, be it at 1 day old or 1 year old. You will panic. You will google. You will ask your mum a million questions. And you will use that thermometer maybe 10 times per hour. Nothing can prepare you for that first bout of illness.

3. Teeth will become the bane of your existence. Discovering when a new tooth will come in will not only be painful for your child. It will be painful for your ears.

4. You will never leave the house again on time. Unless you lie to yourself about what time you need to leave!

5. Nappies don’t always keep all of the poop in.

6. Sometimes it feels like they didn’t keep any in.

7. There is such a thing as the terrible ones. It’s just folklore that it doesn’t happen until age 2.

8. Bedtime may be your favourite time of the day. And there is zero shame in that.

9. Your children may become a handy little white lie when you need to cancel appointments. People forgive you when it’s your child’s fault.

10. You may no longer mind if you have un identified stains on absolutely everything.

11. Bribery is key.