Initial BF experience :)

So breastfeeding had never enticed me before. I hadn’t thought about it for my first son, Landon. It just had never been on top of my priorities, perhaps I hadn’t seen anyone feeding, I hadn’t been around it and it wasn’t normalised in my day to day life i probably would do the typical British thing of avoid eye contact and look away. Perhaps in public do the double take, omg is she feeding her child there.

Which is wrong, but it’s the way I wasn’t brought up around it, it seemed so alien to me. But of course it’s the most natural thing in the world to feed your child as man intended.

The over sexualisation of breasts is probably to blame. In fact I had only thought of breasts as tokens of womanity and raw feminine sex objects rather than the actual symbols of motherhood and the epitome of care and love and affection. I’m glad that my mind has been changed and I’m glad I took it upon myself to give it a go.

Of course I never judged anyone for how they chose to feed their child I praised the women who could stay up all night and feed every hour at newborn demand but I relished in my once an evening feed and then at 8 weeks my Landon slept right through. It was a breeze.

What drew me to breastfeeding this time around was the weight loss. My wedding Is a mere 7 weeks away. That’s not a lot of time to lose pregnancy weight. And in fact I’ll be doing a post about how I’ve come on after a c-section at the end of that. Especially as no exercise is permitted for 12 weeks and I will need to keep up what I eat to make enough milk for Wyatt. So yes in pure selfishness I decided losing up to 500 calories a day from breastfeeding would do me fine! 🙂

So at first I proposed, nothing was sucking at my breast. I would express and express only. And then he arrived and we did a little skin to skin contact and I was happy for him to suckle and learn how to do it and hope it would bring in my milk supply a bit quicker. Well I’m going to be brutally honest. I don’t like my boobs being over stimulated certainly not my nipples! No way. Get off. So I was convinced it was going to kill. Especially having people tell me it was awful and they could let stick at it.

It didn’t kill it was totally fine! Luckily. I’m very glad it’s gone well these first few days. Latching on he’s a tad lazy! But were getting there and now my supply is through well. I am doing mixed feeding. When there’s not enough milk or its not convenient to feed I either give him the milk I’ve expressed or formula milk. I’m not suddenly going to turn into a breastfeeding nazi!

I haven’t worked up the courage to feed in front of anyone but my partner and a midwife. I have left the room or only done it when no ones there and I think I’ll always have that little bit of hesitation to public feeding.

I was recommended the EvenFlo breastpump by a friend in the States and I thought, ok it’s not a well known brand here in the UK it’s not a brand that I could easily get parts for but it was inexpensive and I wasn’t sure if the feeding was going to work out so I thought I couldn’t go wrong paying a tad less having a go and then I wasn’t losing the £300 for the medela equivalent I was going to buy.

I cannot tell you how excited I was when I managed to pump 3 ounces in my first go, as soon as my milk came through (in a room full of people! I almost ran as quick as I could to pop a breast pad in).

The pump comes in a handy bag and its the most simple thing to put together! It’s fab! The only one downside is that you have to hold both pumps in place and don’t have hands for anything else.

The pumps no less comfortable than actually latched on feeding its a similar experience. Which is fine with me. I wouldn’t expect anything different so I can say its rather comfortable as long as mums relaxed herself. The noise is what I would expect aswell I fear it’s going to get me kicked out of the TV room though!

My partner is very supportive, I thought he would be a lot more jealous of the baby feeding, not that he couldn’t do it, for the baby taking so much attention on something that’s ideally not been used for that purpose. He’s fab. The only thing he’s not keen on is when the milk is expressed in the bottle if it goes on him! He’s not fond on that idea just yet he’s a little scared of spills! We’ll get there.

I only wish I could have not been so stubborn and fed my first child. However formula has done him no harm either.

I really invite people to give it a go and if it works it works if not it doesn’t. Anything that’s best but the feeling is wonderful to bond with the baby.