Belated post #2 Thursday Madness

Thursdays have now just gotten a whole lot crazier! We have added a one to one swim lesson into the mix in the afternoon.

We started the day with a squiggles and giggles session. The session now starts a half an hour later and lasts for an hour and a half as opposed to just an hour. That session doesn’t suit a few of the former members so it was delightfully quiet! Yey!

This week was a fantastic themes if was space themed. There was so much messy play and so many ideas for at home I can’t even remember all of them!

As always everything is so perfectly themed to match the occasion. Ideally Thursdays are all about Landon. He had a great time and was even getting more involved with the paints. I like to try get one to one time with activities and get his mind focused on one thing for a little while here. It’s nice to see him stick into something he really enjoys its certainly calms him down when he has an outlet for all of that energy.






What really amused me today was how keen all of the children were to tuck into the Cheerios supposed to be for a sensory experience in a sand and water table! Silly kids! You’d think none of them were fed!


Swimming went great. I’m happy to pay for private lessons as it means I don’t have to worry about finding someone to join me with wyatt in the pool. It means the instructor can take him in and I can watch. I’m really looking to just boost his confidence and slowly work up to other things. Obviously once a week isn’t enough to create a great proficiency but it’s enough to keep his spirits high and happy to be in the water which is great for when we spend time abroad.

We even went to great grandmas in between activities, a friends afterward and then out for our tea! Was definitely ready for bed then.

Looking forward to another busy day next week! πŸ™‚



Silver Cross Fizz Humbug

As we’re going away a few times this year my iCandy peach twin is far too precious to me to lug on a plane and then struggle to put up and down all the time, i figured two strollers would be much easier. I have picked and received the first of, I would say my choices, but this one my mum picked out for me.

First and foremost you should understand my addiction to prams/pushchairs/strollers/buggies whatever you will yourself to call them. I am naughty! We have had a cream leather Emmaljunga Mondial 3in1 pram, a Mamas and Papas freestyle travel system, a Mamas and Papas sola, A mothercare twin side by side stroller and now my iCandy peach blossom 2 in Sweetpea, and this Silver Cross pushchair.

The Silver Cross Fizz is available for use from 6 months so we will need a one that provides the back support for an infant from birth to take with us too, aswell as being just as portable and light.

This one was from John Lewis: Buy Here for Β£95.00

A few different sites with reviews have yet to provide me with a negative review! Which is amazing, as I didn’t check them out until i had the stroller delivered. I purely picked this one for the way it looked and the factor 50+ hood as we’ll be holidaying in Africa.

The stroller is lightweight at 4.5 kgs, its forward facing, easy to collapse, comes with a raincover, shopping basket and the UPF50+ Hood. perfect!

So far its easy to manoeuvre in my living room. and came in an easy to put together package, all I had to do was attach the straps to the right places (Simple 5 part harness) and place the seat cover on and two of the front wheels which just clipped on.

This was all easily managed without reading instructions prior, I simply checked them over afterward to see that I had completed the job correctly.

I definitely give this pram a 5 star rating. Excellent value for money, stylish and practical!


Disclaimer: Note the views in this review are that of my own on the Silver Cross Fizz













Busy adventures of a rambunctious 13 month old

Whichever way you swing it, a mummy’s day at toddler groups and baby outings is usually an excellently devised ploy for “mummy socialisation”. Usually we get other mummies involved, get chit chatting and make effort into meeting new mummies! Selfish isn’t it? Definitely not, I’m not feeling very guilty about it, my son gets to enjoy himself in a plethora of locations all catered specifically to his cognitive and motor skill development with themes and colors and appropriate little activities and mummy gets to feel normal! In a crowd of people who know the score, the other mummies (a breed different from childless women who have time to draw on their faces with pristine detail, not the crayon style squiggle I manage to throw on each morning) all understand that sometimes it takes three attempts to get your pants on the right way, sometimes; it’s impossible to contemplate drinking for fear of H.I.T ( hangovers with toddler) this breed of people, the mummies are a great resource for moaning, worrying and endless chatting, they also won’t mind when you can’t really be bothered with dress shopping but would rather have a looksie in mamas and papas or mother care.

Today we had one of those days, we visited Squiggles and Giggles our new favourite haunt on a Thursday, may have been distracted by a shop! And we then went to drop mummies car at the garage, visited our local library to drop off books and attend story and rhyme time with my nephew and sister in law and even had time to go to soft play after!

BEWARE: this ones full of pictures! Over proud mother!

Squiggles and Giggles

Not that I want the place to be so full I lose my place but this really is a fantastic place! Well worth the awards it’s won! The owner, Suzanne really deserves medals! I mean all those children, sticky, covered in goop and paint and pen and making a mess in her lovely set up! Sainthood imminent!

Today’s theme was The Very Hungry Caterpillar πŸ™‚ there was paint! An incredible assortment of “sensory” toys, more like a treasure trove of all the lovely things he’s not allowed at home but can go nuts with at squiggles and giggles πŸ™‚ and he loves it! I love it too! No cleaning up! There was squishy splat bags and caterpillars everywhere! There was a cooking area with pans and lovely green spaghetti all fun to shove hands in! There was crunchy crispies to appease the messy nature of toddlers. All in all it was just such a ball! The other mummies are lovely too. Could be an acquaintance in there or two πŸ™‚













πŸ™‚ here’s a post on recreating some squiggles and giggles creative play ideas at home!


For rainbow rice!

Afterwords the shops found us…. Uh oh! However we did not spend a great deal of money!! Picked up just a few bits for our impending holidays (July) and a little pressie for my goddaughter. All from Matalan. πŸ™‚ not that I looked for me but the kiddies had some fab things in today! Really reasonable where price was concerned! Actually rather bargainous!





Some really fab little pinstripe shorts were only 5 pounds!!!! And the two pack of cotton ones were 4 pound!! What more could you want for clothes that will get sandy, sticky, wet and covered in sunscreen!

The library was fun my nephew enjoyed it particularly a lot more than Landon did, but he will be persuaded that listening is fun eventually! πŸ™‚ he did enjoy the music parts afterwards. And we forgot the camera in the car! No library pictures I’m afraid! 😦

Soft play was a different story! Mad running around like headless child. We tried one we hadnt been to today Landon had oodles of fun there!












The only problem with my son is that even after all of the running and playing he got to do today! It still didn’t wear him out! I’m not sure if anyone has any tips on disciplining/keeping in order a part monkey with the agility and sleuth of a panther cheeky little critter!

However we’re doing excellent on the nap / milk front. No bottles!!! Except for sleepy time. Well within our recommended amount daily as he only has one in the evening for bedtime now and the rest as additives in meals or yesterday he had a milkshake. I wasn’t quite sure I was going to be able to fight the bottles away from him. And today we didn’t even manage a nap! Just a catnap in the car journey. However I’m keen to keep the nap as a grouchy baby is just no fun come 5pm with an hour and a half to go until bath/bed! πŸ™‚

I think it’s safe to say Landon had a fun packed day and can’t wait for his next all about him day!



Our trip to the library and toy library!

Today I thought I would so something different to any of our normal activities! I thought I would take my toddler, 13 month Landon Joe, to the library!

Now I can’t say I have been to a library unless school/uni has required me to do so in a long time! I tend to buy a lot of books, I even digitally downloaded one onto my iPad mini. An experience I didn’t particularly enjoy! I’m old school. Paper, folded down corners and well thumbed books with flimsy spines.

My son loves books! I can’t say that it’s through my pushing either, I would love to have more time to sit down and read to him book after book. But in all honesty toddlers are hard to pin down especially the early walkers like mine who started at 9 month and I perhaps think now he’s got the hang of it better than me! There is just no stopping my energetic little guy! He’s had a good supply of books bought for him and they’re left in ease of access in toy boxes and in his playroom. I’ll often just find him thumbing through them himself. Thus, what better a resource to review and try out than my own local library.

Firstly, not impressive, it’s clear that the area doesn’t have an avid group of young readers, the building wasn’t well kept, and in all honesty I wouldn’t put money into unused facilities either. The library was completely empty! The lady gave us our new library cards and a book start pack for Landon that encouraged reading at any age and came with a gorgeous little passport to stamp everytime he checked something out! He now will get certificates for reading so many books! What a fab incentive, maybe the little passport is more catered for my taste than his, he wasn’t particularly bothered. But he did have fun looking at all the books and pulling a few out, these few we checked out on his very first “my first library card”. The librarian informed us of a fantastic baby/toddler reading session too to give us an afternoon activity to attend as well. Whilst the selection wasn’t great and the facilities weren’t well kept I can’t help but think the more people who bother with the local amenities the more that will be put back into the community! So in amongst buying everything I think a fortnightly library trip is in need!




After we ventured to the library the building beside it is called “station villa” it’s the local authorities children’s centre with a crΓ¨che, baby groups and messy play. Not to mention the TOY LIBRARY.

We checked this out today and again it was completely empty!! Such a fantastic resource in a town which has a large disparity gap between have and have nots. I would think at Β£1.00 membership for the year for the family and between Β£0.10 and Β£0.50p to loan an item for two weeks there would be people jumping at the chance.

The toys weren’t all the newest, there wasn’t all the new gadgets and there wasn’t a huge selection. But what was there was ample! It was a fantastic little gem I can’t help but think people should get the chance to appreciate more. A toy library! Again, something that would benefit from a more constant stream of traffic, the staff were keen to give us leaflets and join us up and come down to their play sessions. I got the feeling they were scarcely occupied. The building was quite dilapidated and it wasn’t our usually snazzy soft play dive but we signed up for the toy library and made promises to come back and loan out toys.

There was nothing that caught my sons eye today, probably due to the fact that he has too many toys of his own. But we will certainly be back to give the outside toys a go!






It’s certainly two places I would encourage all other mothers to have a scout at! It’s amazing what you find on your doorstep that you never knew existed!