My Bachelorette Party


I flat out said I was not participating in this lewd act, I had two children I wanted nothing to do with getting ”Hammered” wearing phallic shaped objects around my neck and doing shots off of random mens chests. I would sip champagne at my best, my favourite tipple and participate in girly banter, but i refused to leave the kids with anyone but my mum and especially at home, where my mum was not was difficult. I wasn’t having one, my partner was having nothing to do with any form of strippers or I had threatened all sorts, the poor boy.

However, I got to Tanzania and my friends had arranged a surprise bridal shower, of course there was plenty of phallic games and cocktails, and I did get rather tiddly, but I had my mum so i felt rest assured.Image

I was very thankful for my three bridesmaids organising such a fun affair. I even got my dancing shoes on when we crashed the maid of honour’s brothers night at some party. My bridesmaids arranged lots of games, all of course intended to make the user incredibly drunk.

There was food and cocktails and a surprise questionnaire to see how well the bride and groom knew each other, I of course passed with only 3 wrong answers, but managed to rack up 6 shots for that? I wasn’t complaining after the first one.  Image

We played making a ”penis” out of play-doh! We had time limit to see who had created the best one. And then there was drawing a man blindfolded without taking our pencils off the page we had to also give him a set of private parts. My drawing was pretty good if I must say and I was up against some real life artists!

Another game, was where each of the attendees took an object from their purses and hid it into a bag. My job was to guess which of these inanimate objects belonged to  each attendee.

I had such a lovely night and the only bachelors i danced with were two best friends from school and my friends little brother, And i’m pretty sure me making them spin me around and around isn’t on most bachelorette’s hit list! Pretty Tame night, oh, except for the throwing up.

Big thanks to my friends who could make it here in Tanzania and those who organised this deserve the biggest hugs and thank you’s that I can give.



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Funday Thursdays/Family Thursdays

One day late with this post! Will you ever forgive me! I so hope so!

Thursdays are a day in which we go to our favourite squiggles and giggles (website). It’s so great to get out nice and early, to socialise and play and really teach Landon the benefits of routine with other children a little older than himself.

This weeks squiggles and giggles meant mummy was taking both Landon and Wyatt to the playgroup on my own, the difficulty of getting from the car with a toddler who does not walk nicely beside you and a heavy car seat with infant in was not easy! However once inside the safety of playgroup my worries were eased because of course new baby snuggles are loved by all so there are always plenty of offers to snuggle the baby! Leaving me free to run after Landon. Octopus arms are needed with these two out and about without the safety of the icandy double pram.













There’s always just so much for Landon to at with and get into and I’m so much more accepting of the goop and gak and paint and glue than at the start of our squiggles and giggles journey. I know that as long as he keeps those hands off my clothes I can forgive him for any state he gets into. They’re only clothes and its only skin, easy washable. I really do rate messy play. I’m becoming so much more of an “earth” mother than I ever thought possible.

Our Thursday routine is usually followed with a quick trip to greggs and matalan where I park beside and then we head over to my grandmas because she looks after my two cousins, Caiden 4 and Sophie 18 months and its great t get some time for the kids to play and enjoy their family. Yesterday we took them to a soft play near us and its great because they just run free as its quite a compact softplay perfect for us as it was nearly empty and we could sit right in the middle of the main frame where we could see them and still enjoy a sit down and a drink and snuggles with Wyatt.









Sophie, 18 months is just so adorable with Wyatt she actually cried when I took him back to feed him! So sweet. I find little girls are so lovely with babies.

I fed using my nursing cover today! Bebe au lait could be my new best friend. Oh oh oh. My “breast friend” I’m so easily amused!!! Excuse the cringey pout, I couldn’t take myself seriously doing a “selfie” in a public place.


I also had my shoe order arrive from Kurt Geiger! Ahhhhhhh bliss! 🙂 look at that! Some yummy creeping in!



Here’s to another happy week 🙂 and here’s to the weekend!! Enjoy everyone



Squiggles and Giggles! Going Fishing

Favourite time of the week again 🙂 messy play! This week the theme was “going fishing” at Squiggles and Giggles.

Fab new things to play with at squiggles today!

Cloud dough! Cloud dough is basically a sculptable goop, it’s not sticky when it’s done properly. It’s a combination of shaving foam and corn flour, it’s a great thing to play with its different from a lot of other things kids play with.

Here’s a recipe so you can try and make some and have sensory fun at home!

As well as the cloud dough today there was paint, chalk, treasure baskets, splat mats, boat making paint and craft area, a water play section and some fab freaky beads! Almost like plastic polystyrene balls that stuck together!

















Also! Haven’t had chance to show you the Finding Nemo playmat gym for newbie! Who won’t be long appearing!


🙂 a lovely bank holiday to look forward to now!! Must get some shopping done this weekend get the new baby his wardrobe and get mummy some post hospital mum tum hiding apparel. And a music with mummy class tomorrow that will hopefully get a write-up if I can catch some pictures of the session as its our last one of the term!

Hope everyone has a lovely time! Roll on 39 weeks next week xxx


Squiggles and Giggles Meets the UGLY BUGS

We love a good rave about Squiggles and Giggles from our weekly appearances.

This week’s theme for creative play was UGLY BUGS. And man, it was a little boys heaven!!!

Not only was there a great deal of activities for the children there was a guest appearance from Popolo Ceramics, who make a fantastic array of personalised ceramic goods incorporating your child’s foot and handprints. Of course would have been fabulous to do as it’s father’s day coming up soon( English Mothers Day is in March) , except that daddy was with us today as he was on late shift! And he has to admit it’s lovely for him to be able to experience a playgroup with his little boy as opposed to if he worked the same shift every week.

In addition to the ceramics lady today there was a leaflet for a baby first aid course by Baby Butterfly who are based in North Tyneside and have both first aid, baby massage and baby music classes. And baby first aid is something I really will be interested in taking part in and it’s a pre-requisite for applying for teaching jobs when I finish my degree anyway! Bonus.

If you are in the area and are interested in their courses please make sure you quote that you received the information from ”Squiggles and Giggles”.

So, anyways, chattering away, more to the point, the ugly bugs! (Of course the ramblings of the blog are very similar to what happens at these baby and toddler groups, the mummies get carried away chatting! 🙂 and there is one little girl called Ruby who Landon adores, which is fab because her mummy is lovely which makes for perfect mummy procrastination, and keeps me away from the paint!!- fabulous for babies but not so fun for squeamish mummies)

There was a fab SWAMP today, green slimy sensory heaven for toddlers with moss and bits and goop and green things, totally yummy, and most the kids tried to drink or get in it aswell, Landon of course made a mess, and splashed everyone, namely the little girls who were playing so lovely!

The make table was lovely lady bugs today where they could paints and decorate their own lady bugs with all sorts of paper and pipe cleaners and paint and pens and glitter. A more glam side to the ugly bugs theme.

There was the painting wall where they could paint large bugs with fly swatters, or brushes! lovely and messy, and mummies least favourite area, SPOIL SPORT MUMMY.

There was chalk and treasure baskets and clay and outdoor play and a wig wam!

Oodles of fun! 🙂 Can’t wait for next week, always one of our fave parts of the week.




























Little mans last solo sibling adventure

As the countdown is on until little man becomes a big brother (we’re now 36 weeks pregnant). The sun doesn’t make an appearance every day in this unpredictable country! We decided it would be a perfect day to hit our local petting zoo/farm.

Turns out the place is just so much more! Whitehouse Farm had so many different things to do. There was obviously farm animals, domestic animals, pets, larger farm animals, birds of prey! Tropical animals and creepies, there was reindeer! And wallabies and meerkats and deer and horses and donkeys. So many animals! Turns out I have some sort of creepy fear where farm animals are concerned, having lived in Africa I thought I must be going mad! Fluffy chicks and baby goats and baby lambs and I wouldn’t pet them!

My 14 month old son had more confidence, actually far too much confidence he was laughing at the baby goats nibble (gum) on his finger tips and thought they were giving him a paw like dogs he knows.

At the centre there was also an all inclusive outdoor huge! Play area! A soft play, a cafe, a go kart area, trampolines, different daily shows with the animals, feeding the animals and bottle feeding the babies. We could have spent all day there!

Landon thoroughly enjoyed himself!!
















His OOTD was some ted baker sweatpants, Hunter infant wellies, a joules t-shirt and a Ralph Lauren coat. Countried out 🙂

Since he was so well behaved we went shopping after and got him a little outfit from Marks and Spencer. I love their baby clothes! The prices are great value, the quality is excellent and I find the sizes spot on!

This is what we got him:




I was dead impressed with how cute this is going to look on! And the whole outfit for £17.00 at that quality is going to challenge many brands of the same level.

We had a fantastic day and fortunately the sun stayed out for us!