Wyatt Hudson Robert Blandford <3

Wednesday 29th May 2013
Cesarean Section Delivery
7lbs and 6oz

Baby Wyatt Hudson!

Woohoo! Third trimester over! Goodbye pregnancy! Hello motherhood again! Second baby in 14 months and 3 weeks! Crazy! The time has completely flown by and despite this little angel not being a planned bubba he is everything I could ask for in a second child.

My partner isn’t best please as both our children look like me and in turn my father as I look a lot like my dad. His genes are firmly compressed into the finer details that pop up and manifest themselves on various occasions. However he takes great delight that for a while, the baby will have blue eyes. This is his decided contribution!

My birth story is pretty simple really. 39 weeks and 2 days we had our elective LSCS (lower segment cesarean section) planned, booked and arranged from the 36 week mark. We told limited people. This short list included my own mum(freakish worrier, once fainted at an X-ray of my shoulder!), my auntie who would be babysitting my eldest, Landon while we went in to have the baby as my mums not living in the same country and my grandmother does a lot of caring for my great grandmother and a dear friend and her mum who is our go to childminder and will be having him the day after my section (today) to entertain Landon whilst we get discharged!

I’m not sure how many people have wrote their elective birth tales, especially in England their a little less common without real medical background for one. However having lived with lots of other expatriates in Africa the places other people went to have their babies (South Africa, the US and Australia most commonly allowed cesareans to be part of a woman’s choice in the birth choice) and why not! Why shouldn’t you be able to opt for what you think is best for yourself? You can opt for different pain relief in natural labour birthing? Why not a procedure to deliver the baby relatively safely and for myself pain free and a quick recovery.
However I must admit where the procedure will cost extra there should be a willingness to pay as its only right that it will have an impact on the healthcare system detrimentally if everyone opted for a more expensive procedure!

So! 6.30 we got up! (Me and the partner) took showers. Fed and dressed little guy, who was not amused or pleased to be up at such an hour, moreover he was very confused! I didn’t eat or drink anything as it was nil by mouth from midnight prior to the procedure! I also had to take some “ranitidine” basic ant acids to avoid any reflux. We had to be at the hospital for 7.45 bright and early! Luckily it’s walking distance and visible from my housing estate. So we dropped Landon off at my aunts house to play with his two cousins.(my cousins aged 1 and 4) gave kisses goodbye and off we set!

When you arrive at the hospital you make your way to the day surgery ward and wait to be taken into the waiting vestibule/room/cubicled room.

At my hospital there are three “bays” set up with curtains in between ready to prep for surgery. There is no easing you into it. It’s come in. Get baby’s things (first outfit) out and into the wheeled crib and undress yourself and put on the delightful GOWNIE. Yum!

Then come the array of questions and prep! So many questions!!! The anaesthetist comes to pop a cannula into your hand so they can intravenously give fluids and antibiotics during the procedure and then more fluids once out on recovery and back on the ward.

Someone went before us but when it is your turn the anaesthetist takes you into the theatre with sexy surgical stockings on! And a GOWNIE with your bum out! Ha! They then wash the back have you sat upright but haunched over to separate the vertebrae visibly to see where to insert the spinal injection.

You’re then shot with a local anaesthetic so you can’t feel the spinal injection that delivers the block from the ribs down of feeling. The needle is inserted and begins to take affect leaving a lovely warming feeling as you lose sensation from the toes to the ribs.

Then a nurse does the catheter (gross but at least you don’t know it’s happening as you can’t feel it! )

And work begins! This part is a blur some snipping and slicing that obviously I can’t see or really feel anything other than varying pressures and hey presto baby is out! Then the removal of the placenta and stitching back up! Done! Well until the recovery part. Which for me isn’t so bad I tend to deal well with pain and its more stiffness and you get a real awareness of just how much you use your stomach muscles for absolutely everything!! Even something as silly as reaching you become aware of the fact that you’re a little incapacitated.

However baby is here and he’s healthy and happy and has a full head of hair. The heartburn must be old wives tales because this time it was much less severe and this baby has a multitude of hair compared to Landon. We managed to get through three trimesters with no stretch marks! No brown navel pigment line but gained a near 20kg! How evil! It’s all taken in our stride because he’s just so scrummy.

His name! Really wasn’t selected for any major reasons than that we liked it. πŸ™‚ my partner suggested Wyatt. I’ve made him watch the TV show charmed so many times he probably heard it from there although he insists it’s from the cowboy wyatt erp! Robert is after my late dear grandmother who passed a few years ago from cancer aged just 60. She was called Roberta after her father robert πŸ™‚

Here’s some pics of the new guy. He’s already been through 4 outfits!! Little diva! No shortage of fluid escaping either end!