Vacation :)

So. You all know recently we ventured across to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania and across to Zanzibar from there to get married. I grew up across there and it’s definitely home to me. It’s nice to be able to share it with my own family now. We also travelled with my parents in law who stayed at our house in Tanzania. (My parents still live there).

The flight was a joyous 11/12 hours long with a 7 week old and a 16 month old! However they were both really great. As soon as the plane moved the toddler was happy with a few toys or a book or my iPad mini with lots of preloaded kids apps. The little one had no idea he had even flown by the looks of it. It was nice to have his parents on the flight but I’m so fiercely independent with my kids I’m sure I could have done it single handed with a few Valium.

We tried some drowsy Benadryl for Landon as our physician suggested but he knew all of the tricks and refused to have any of it!!

I was so excited to see all of my friends again. Especially those who had flown in just for my wedding. Zanzibar is just maybe my fave place in the world. It’s my five star beach haven where I feel safest happiest and at home.







Those are a few pics of the hotel itself. I was in a suite so I forgot to take pictures of just how gorgeous it was. These pics are courtesy of my friend Michon. Over at Sisterhood Diaries.

Of course I’m pinching a few more pics from over there taken by our friend Pia. A fab photographer in the making.

these are a few of our favourite places in Dar.

The yacht club where we had our boat and a membership to use the beach and pool and the bar. It’s a little social centre for all of the expatriates really.



And then this is a little shopping centre complex on the seafront where there is an African market an authentic version for tourists that is safe to visit. And a beach front bar and the store where I got my new favourite bracelet! It’s a cut spinel stone in my bracelet! Called an uru bracelet! It’s all the craze in Tanzania right now and they’re good value for stones at $250.00 starting prices.






The kids really loved their time here πŸ™‚ we got up to plenty of mischief. From meeting other friends to lunch. To seeing their godparents πŸ™‚


My parents threw us a fantastic BBQ with close friends of course it was my first drink since having the baby and I think I handled it well considering I was on champagne and whiskey!
My parents have a huge roof terrace with about four tables at their house its also got a kitchen on the roof and a ladies and mans toilets?! They also have a huge BBQ I’m so jealous of! However I’m not sure we get the weather here!









Holding Wyatt above is my friend Ashley who will be legal guardian with her partner Terry to our kids should anything happen. πŸ™‚ she’s the biggest baby natural I have ever seen.

And this is wyatt with landons godmother Nafsika! Who is a total sweetie with the kids too. All of my friends are really!











Landon got his hair cut in a fab little car seat!!

The trip was amazing and I would do it again in a heartbeat! We just can’t wait to go back to what feels like home. We are even considering a move there.



Kids with eczema

There is nothing worse than your child not having super soft pinchable skin, they’re so young and innocent and undeserving of bad itching and potentially sore skin. Babies skin is supposed to be peachy, pinky and super soft and huggable.

I knew when Landon developed some dry patches as a newborn that it was inevitable he would develop eczema. As my mum told me I suffered quite badly with it as a baby.

They recommend that you used olive oil at the time, either a standard household type from the cooking cupboard or the special “skin” kind from the pharmacist for about Β£8.00, a small price to pay to soothe your child’s skin.

That worked for a little while. I maintained a restricted products stand in our home. Nothing that would set his skin off, that meant all the posh baby toiletries we had were useless. And especially anything by Johnson and Johnson, whilst they smell nice and on mosh children with normal non sensitive skin I’m sure it’s great but on my skin and my children’s it’s a catalyst for weeks of itching and dry patches.

As landon got older, despite attempts to keep things as pure as possible, softest most sensitive wipes for bums and only non-biological washing powder and the ‘pure’ versions of fabric softener, his skin got worse. When a health visitor spotted his skin in the latent healing stages after a bout of eczema she was horrified, we thought his skin was great and healing and she was determined it was “really bad” wait until she seen a bad bout!

His skin can go incredibly crusty scaly and sore in places it can scab and he has a constant collar line where the fabric annoys his skin so he itches the dry patches along the collar which in turn form small scabs. We now can only use prescribed bath emollients, special emollient moisturiser and a few steroid creams.

I recently ordered something I had read about and thought about trying called cetaphil. The products are specially formulated for dry skin sufferers. They have arrived today so I can’t wait to put them to the test and chart the success/failures.

The bath wash is Β£19.99 and the moisturiser is Β£15.99

I’m willing to give anything a shot for my babies skin.



Wyatt’s First Squiggles and Giggles

Well Mr Landon has definitely missed his squiggles and giggles sessions for the past three weeks. However it was closed for two weeks so we don’t feel like we have missed too much!


Today was a gorgeous day so we were enjoying the sun again and had plenty of play outside. And even better is that daddy could join us! πŸ™‚

Wyatt was even awake for a lot of the session lapping up the attention and enjoying snuggles.















All the reasons mums are better than superheroes

As it’s mothers day the world over, not here in England ours is in March i thought i’d write a little on the enigma of a mother.

The power of a mother amazes me, sorry to go all super feminist on y’all but it’s undeniably the truth!

Can you remember as a child who you called for if you were poorly, who you wanted to see when you did something you were proud or excited over? Who you wanted to tuck you in, who you wanted to get you from school, or who you wanted to read a story and give you your bath? Odds are at least one of these was your mother. And odds are she did all those things to expert timing, with precision skill and probably whilst juggling everything else at once.

The way people feel about their mothers is a form of brainwashing even the strictest militia dictator couldn’t instill in his forces!

Lets go beyond the fact that pregnancy and birth aren’t the easiest of experiences. I can’t comment on having a tumultuous pregnancy or a horrific labour (plain sailing and a planned c-section) but surely the duration enough makes women pretty impressive!

I’m not sure about anyone else but I have those little disagreements with my hubby to be about who has the harder job? What would he prefer? He says it would be a whole lot easier for him to look after Landon because it would mean he could have do “bugger all and sit on his ass” hmmm anyone else infuriated? Well. I’m not saying he does nothing! He certainly does. An 8 hour job and then he puts the trash outside.

I mean he could buck up his ideas and do some more chores considering after my 12 hour shift with the baby and being 9 months pregnant I still have a list of chores to get through to keep the house looking like it still has a modicum of cleanliness somewhere under the endless piles of cluttered toys.

I love my mum, more so we don’t live together now! But she’s still there 6000 miles away in sunny Tanzania. Face timing us daily gossiping and chatting away to both me and my son and I always ask her if I have any questions about how long to cook a brisket or what cleaning solution to use. Luckily there’s only 20 years between us so she still has awesome taste in clothes to borrow and never return. I definitely underestimated how much she did when I was a child. And let’s not even talk about how hard single and working mums must have it!

It’s not a difficult role it’s just non stop for me. I wouldn’t complain about how hard it is as its something I chose to do with my life and its very fulfilling I wouldn’t be anywhere else. And it’s incredibly rare I take a break. He’s never been anywhere overnight and I tend to only socialise in the evening when my own mums here to watch him for me.

I’ve stolen the picture below from the net mums website makes me giggle about a mums work

I’m sure however you’re all celebrating this Mother’s Day it will be a special one! A day when dads can’t complain about how little stay at home mums do but a day they have to rejoice in it and provide flowers and gifts and five minutes of down time for mum!

Happy Mother’s Day!