Meeting Baby Jake <3

Yesterday! I had the great pleasure of meeting one of my best friends little babies! A year ago she would tell you she didn’t like babies, would have preferred a puppy and that nappies and sick were just “retch” haha! Queue yesterday, she was emitting this glimmering glow only a new mother could sat with newborn in tow. I could take in the sight and burst over. It was beautiful. How much this had changed my friend and how wonderful the scene looked.

Gorgeous little baby Jake Hicken was born on Monday the 8th April at 9lbs 6oz! And I have fallen in love. His little mop of dark hair and squidgey tum and little long toes like his mummy!

Even my little one seemed complacent, a hopeful forewarning of his relationship with his brother we can hope. In fact he mostly just ignored me and baby jake.

Needless to say I can’t wait to pack her boyfriend off to work and go on lovely days out with my friend, turned maternity bud! πŸ™‚

And in fact now I just can’t wait to see him AGAIN… Xxxxx



Bump Update #32 weeks

This pregnancy came as quite the brazen surprise just 5 months after the arrival of my first little boy, Landon Joe. However much of a surprise it’s arrival; the inconvenient timing of a wedding just a mere few weeks after this little sprogs supposed due date, (luckily one of those elective cesarean diva’s so I’ll be having a pre-planned date) I have remained positive and brushed off any comments about the “difficulty” of the task of having a 14/15 month old and a newborn baby. In other, less polite terms. Do one. Not once after the birth of my eldest did I say “oohh I just need some help”, “please babysit for me loads”, “needed my rest”. In fact my son hasn’t slept over anywhere overnight. Probably much to my own avail, I’m not sure i could handle the thought of him being away from me. But however you raise your children it should be without judgement and furtive commentary. I’m quite glad about the gap. πŸ™‚ means I’ll have two lovely boys who are close in age and can play nicely, however I kept nothing from my first, so if I thought I could get off lightly! I was very wrong on recycling terms.

I’ve had another growth scan and appointments this week.

This time round I think we’ve been a little more private. Our own family members don’t know the new ones name. We do. Ha ha ha ha. You’ll just have to wait. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to share the gender with people. In fact this time I’ve become quite protective of my little fetal monster I don’t want to share, be touched or have to elaborate on the details of his growth and well being. He’s mine?! (Yummy mummy turned angry crazy mummy)

Here’s a bare belly shot and a clothing shot (always makes the bump look bigger) and I’m still stretch mark free! Yey! Of course I’ll have finished writing my blog post and for saying I have none a punitive bout of stripes will appear. Just 6 and a half weeks to go for us! Need some tips for bringing on labour so we can go earlier! Haha! (Queue more punitive stripes….)





My Baby Shower! <3

So, whilst it’s been almost a month since my baby shower, I thought i’d leave it until i’d started my blog to really acknowledge it’s existence. My shower was thrown for me at 29 weeks pregnant, I was lucky enough to have a wonderful friend who came up with a great deal of games to play with goodies to win!

The baby shower idea was only accentuated by routine trips to the big shopping centre near myself where we couldn’t stop being overexcited with the pregnancy and the impending new arrival. And somehow on one of these trips we ended up stumbling across the WHALE THEME. Once we had found the whale theme, that was it, no stopping us from finding, no no wait…. HUNTING down everything whale themed.

Totally gone to town on the whale theme and now even new babies bedroom is going to be all whale themed! picked the perfect bedding from Mamas and Papas called Bubble Blue.


The excitement meant in the midst of things i’d managed to not done the invites in time and i had a lot of friends missing, but much to my avail! My friend from Tanzania was coming to see me and it coincided with the baby shower! <CUE> Excited tears and lots of jumping up and down.

The day of the shower came and I had arranged the most amazing whale themed desserts buffet, I was rather impressed with my level of faith to the WHALE THEME!

These were the invites designed by a lady on ETSY.


The food was fab! That was done by some contacts of mine I had a wonderful woman called Lisa do cakepops, iced cookies and the most amazing looking whale themed hazelnut nutella cupcakes! She then linked me up with her friend Allison Allan who did me again, an amazing whale themed cake! All of which were mighty delicious, Not to mention the favours I ordered from another local source Diane who made whale themed chocolate treats for people to take away! πŸ™‚


And then the best of all was a best friend of mine, the also expectant Libby did me some fab cupcakes her and her mum had obviously worked really hard on! πŸ™‚ They were beautiful I was so overwhelmed at the gesture perfect with the theme of blue and whales too!! These are them……


Charlie, Party host and Baby Shower extraordinaire came up with three games for us to play, they were;

1. Baby Shower Bingo! Where we filled our ‘bingo’ card with ideas of the things i might receive as gifts, and then as I opened them crossed them off if we had guessed correctly.

2. Pin the Sperm on the Egg, one which i’m sure shocked the older attendees! ha! although my grandmother-in-law seemed to have great fun in it! πŸ™‚


3. Nursery Rhyme Quiz, this one was just too hard for most people to get! My partners auntie guessed the most right, then again, she is a teaching assistant πŸ™‚ THINK thats cheating! πŸ™‚ However me and my own auntie took great pleasure in mocking the game adding rude suggestions of things Tom Thumb sat on and that some other character caught, namely private parts and STD’S.

My guests also filled out prediction cards and wishes for the baby! both have been kept in his memories box for keepsakes πŸ™‚ Touching gestures and brilliant ideas! ❀


Can safely say I had the most wonderful afternoon with some fantastic friends and the ones who couldn’t be there were missed but i was blessed to have those who came. I got well and truly showered with presents! And I can’t thank the host Charlie enough! Lucky to have a friend like her not only did she throw me a fab shower but she made a fab nappy cake too!


And in true style of myself someone made sure I had a Ralph Lauren gift to complete the shower! Excellent! πŸ™‚ Little baby and I extend full thanks to everyone who could make it, and especially for all of the presents! However we’re still not sharing his name! So you’ll have to be kept in suspense!




Next Haul!! :)

Whilst I am an avid buyer of designer clothes for babies (what a waste I know! I just can’t help it!!). My obsession for baby clothing goes much further afield than my Ralph Lauren, Armani, Boss, Hilfiger, Burberry and Dior passions. I simply love baby clothes! It doesn’t matter to me if they’re from a high street chain, a department store, online or a supermarket! (More to come on supermarket finds I’m am sure of it!!)

Next provides a range of high quality baby goods, from newborn right up till age 16. All tax tree! Well made! Well lasting and more to the point beautiful!

I’m sure this post should concentrate more on the “mummy” than the “yummy” but I can’t help being a tad vapid when it comes to baby fashion! If I can’t manage to keep myself stylish and on form then I’ll be damned if my baby must suffer the same consequences.

So less the topic of how well the clothes wash and a full on “cute clothing post” for both my baby on board and the tinker toddler, Landon. Landon is 13 months old and baby on board is a little boy due in 6 weeks time! Making me 33 weeks pregnant and itching for him to arrive. Thus my clothing purchases really need restrained!

Here’s what I have managed to get in my last haul about two weeks ago!

















I’m so impressed with their clothing i think I’m going to end up buying their whole catalogue before the seasons up!

Love from,
The crazy clan!