Wyatt Wednesday :) 12 weeks old

Wow! So life has been so hectic I’m only just getting chance to blog now. And believe me, I feel horrendous for not blogging. However, we have been so full of busy! I’ve gotten myself sorted with a new horse so that’s a daily chore, but of course I’m enjoying it thoroughly! We had a wedding dinner with the family then a wedding party and a night out with a couple friend of ours. And then we did wyatts christening on Sunday and a lovely dinner party last night and all of last week I was completing a 3000 word essay per day to catch up on things I missed during the wedding!

So that’s my second year of a bachelors degree in early childhood studies, to go onto teaching and lecturing, all done! Bring on third year in about a months time. I’m really enjoying the flexibility of a distance degree it helps with having two young babies!

I’ve still to do posts for lots of our events and of course the little guys christening so I’ll start catching up.

However this ones just a little catch up on his development at this age.





As you can probably guess we are getting a million and one smiles from him now 🙂 although he was a little late to start with them.

He can roll. He’s done it about three or four times. The first when he was only two weeks old from the front to the back. However as he’s gained some chunk he’s just lifting his legs and shuftying to the side now.

He is 12 lbs exactly now, as checked last week so he’s probably gained a few ounces. He’s in 0-3 clothes comfortably. When I have to change up I’m going to be incredibly upset that he’s getting bigger!







We had one few second sit from him. 🙂 however he won’t be strong enough for a while yet, we did get the bumbo seat out from Landon to have a go of, and the jumperoo but that will be a little while yet.

He’s making cute little gurgles and cooing and laughing at himself.

He loves bathtime and he’s getting much more active day by day. He rarely sleeps through the day more having one or two very short cat naps.

At night he’s still good but not consistent just yet. He keeps going through growth spurts, however he’s never been up more than once a night (fingers crossed).

I am no longer breast feeding, with a toddler and a crazy schedule like mine it was nearly impossible. I was heartbroken to give it up and move to formula and the transition meant a rough few unsettled days for wyatt that was just so hideous to watch the colic and constipation. However he has settled nicely now on cow and gate.

We swapped over to the tommee tippee advanced colic protection bottles and we can get 4 for £15.00 as we live about ten minutes from the factory shop!

We also bought ourselves the tommee tippee perfect prep machine which is like baby espresso machine! Can’t wait to write my review for it! It makes bottles at ready to serve temp!

We have had a fab three months and I just can’t wait for three more 🙂



Six week holiday slump. GALT toys solutions

This post is a sponsored post by GALT. Their ideas are in fitting with the themes of this blog and I myself highly recommend their products. We are really keen on educational and creative practices within the home. These fun science experiments can be done at home with the help of their great at home kits. Click here to find out about their great products! Here’s how to make science fun at home

The summer holidays are on their way. For some of us, there will be very little interruption to the daily routine due to children being with a family member, but some of us will almost be dreading the thought of having to come up with enough stimulating activities to keep our kids entertained for the whole six weeks.
Just because they are off school does not mean your child should stop learning though. Learning can be fun if it is presented to them correctly and involves a bit of kinaesthetic involvement. Kinaesthetic learning is learning that involves making and doing, and many children remember things better after having done something that taught them. Here are some cool experiments and activities you can do at home to keep those young brain cells exercised!
The Volcano
This is a classic experiment which is often done in schools to teach children a number of things, such as what a volcano is, or about the reaction between acidic and alkaline substances. You could make this experiment take a number of days, from constructing your own paper mache volcano (making sure you use lots and lots of glue so that it will wipe clean after the eruption and be suitable for using again), to actually executing the experiment. When constructing your volcanic island, simply gather old newspapers, toilet roll tubes (one of which will make the volcano which you will form around it using newspaper) and an egg box. Use one of the compartments in the egg box to pop into the middle of the toilet tube you use for the volcano, so you have somewhere to put your chemicals. Again, use lots and lots of glue so it won’t become soggy. To make the eruption, all you need is some vinegar, sodium bicarbonate powder and red food colouring. Make sure you protect all surfaces. If possible, conduct the experiment outside or in an empty sand-pit type container to control mess as much as possible. The kids will love it and you have just bought yourself a few days of peace!
Growing your own…
Growing your own plants can not only be fascinating for little people as they watch their hard work literally come to fruition, but if you grow fruits, vegetables or herbs, you can use them in your child’s food and it might help you get some healthy extras into their diet. After all, they are more likely to eat it if they grew it themselves. Pick up baby plants to speed things up.
Do-it-at-home Kits
Picking up a kit can be very easy, as it usually contains everything you need to conduct the experiment (except perhaps water!). Some of the exciting things you can find include ‘make your own bouncy ball’, perfume making kits and the fabulous Horrible Science range by Galt Toys. There are kits for all age ranges and interests, so have a look at your local toy store to see what you can find.
Summer doesn’t have to be stressful! Just set the kiddies off on their scientific explorational journeys with toys and experiments that suit them and you never know; you might even find you get five minutes to pop your feet up with a cuppa. Well, we can dream anyway!

About the Author
This article was written on behalf of Galt Toys. Galt Toys have been manufacturing toys for over 175 years, and design toys that encourage children to learn through play…and have fun!


Funday Thursdays/Family Thursdays

One day late with this post! Will you ever forgive me! I so hope so!

Thursdays are a day in which we go to our favourite squiggles and giggles (website). It’s so great to get out nice and early, to socialise and play and really teach Landon the benefits of routine with other children a little older than himself.

This weeks squiggles and giggles meant mummy was taking both Landon and Wyatt to the playgroup on my own, the difficulty of getting from the car with a toddler who does not walk nicely beside you and a heavy car seat with infant in was not easy! However once inside the safety of playgroup my worries were eased because of course new baby snuggles are loved by all so there are always plenty of offers to snuggle the baby! Leaving me free to run after Landon. Octopus arms are needed with these two out and about without the safety of the icandy double pram.













There’s always just so much for Landon to at with and get into and I’m so much more accepting of the goop and gak and paint and glue than at the start of our squiggles and giggles journey. I know that as long as he keeps those hands off my clothes I can forgive him for any state he gets into. They’re only clothes and its only skin, easy washable. I really do rate messy play. I’m becoming so much more of an “earth” mother than I ever thought possible.

Our Thursday routine is usually followed with a quick trip to greggs and matalan where I park beside and then we head over to my grandmas because she looks after my two cousins, Caiden 4 and Sophie 18 months and its great t get some time for the kids to play and enjoy their family. Yesterday we took them to a soft play near us and its great because they just run free as its quite a compact softplay perfect for us as it was nearly empty and we could sit right in the middle of the main frame where we could see them and still enjoy a sit down and a drink and snuggles with Wyatt.









Sophie, 18 months is just so adorable with Wyatt she actually cried when I took him back to feed him! So sweet. I find little girls are so lovely with babies.

I fed using my nursing cover today! Bebe au lait could be my new best friend. Oh oh oh. My “breast friend” I’m so easily amused!!! Excuse the cringey pout, I couldn’t take myself seriously doing a “selfie” in a public place.


I also had my shoe order arrive from Kurt Geiger! Ahhhhhhh bliss! 🙂 look at that! Some yummy creeping in!



Here’s to another happy week 🙂 and here’s to the weekend!! Enjoy everyone



Squiggles and Giggles Meets the UGLY BUGS

We love a good rave about Squiggles and Giggles from our weekly appearances.

This week’s theme for creative play was UGLY BUGS. And man, it was a little boys heaven!!!

Not only was there a great deal of activities for the children there was a guest appearance from Popolo Ceramics, who make a fantastic array of personalised ceramic goods incorporating your child’s foot and handprints. Of course would have been fabulous to do as it’s father’s day coming up soon( English Mothers Day is in March) , except that daddy was with us today as he was on late shift! And he has to admit it’s lovely for him to be able to experience a playgroup with his little boy as opposed to if he worked the same shift every week.

In addition to the ceramics lady today there was a leaflet for a baby first aid course by Baby Butterfly who are based in North Tyneside and have both first aid, baby massage and baby music classes. And baby first aid is something I really will be interested in taking part in and it’s a pre-requisite for applying for teaching jobs when I finish my degree anyway! Bonus.

If you are in the area and are interested in their courses please make sure you quote that you received the information from ”Squiggles and Giggles”.

So, anyways, chattering away, more to the point, the ugly bugs! (Of course the ramblings of the blog are very similar to what happens at these baby and toddler groups, the mummies get carried away chatting! 🙂 and there is one little girl called Ruby who Landon adores, which is fab because her mummy is lovely which makes for perfect mummy procrastination, and keeps me away from the paint!!- fabulous for babies but not so fun for squeamish mummies)

There was a fab SWAMP today, green slimy sensory heaven for toddlers with moss and bits and goop and green things, totally yummy, and most the kids tried to drink or get in it aswell, Landon of course made a mess, and splashed everyone, namely the little girls who were playing so lovely!

The make table was lovely lady bugs today where they could paints and decorate their own lady bugs with all sorts of paper and pipe cleaners and paint and pens and glitter. A more glam side to the ugly bugs theme.

There was the painting wall where they could paint large bugs with fly swatters, or brushes! lovely and messy, and mummies least favourite area, SPOIL SPORT MUMMY.

There was chalk and treasure baskets and clay and outdoor play and a wig wam!

Oodles of fun! 🙂 Can’t wait for next week, always one of our fave parts of the week.




























Little mans last solo sibling adventure

As the countdown is on until little man becomes a big brother (we’re now 36 weeks pregnant). The sun doesn’t make an appearance every day in this unpredictable country! We decided it would be a perfect day to hit our local petting zoo/farm.

Turns out the place is just so much more! Whitehouse Farm had so many different things to do. There was obviously farm animals, domestic animals, pets, larger farm animals, birds of prey! Tropical animals and creepies, there was reindeer! And wallabies and meerkats and deer and horses and donkeys. So many animals! Turns out I have some sort of creepy fear where farm animals are concerned, having lived in Africa I thought I must be going mad! Fluffy chicks and baby goats and baby lambs and I wouldn’t pet them!

My 14 month old son had more confidence, actually far too much confidence he was laughing at the baby goats nibble (gum) on his finger tips and thought they were giving him a paw like dogs he knows.

At the centre there was also an all inclusive outdoor huge! Play area! A soft play, a cafe, a go kart area, trampolines, different daily shows with the animals, feeding the animals and bottle feeding the babies. We could have spent all day there!

Landon thoroughly enjoyed himself!!
















His OOTD was some ted baker sweatpants, Hunter infant wellies, a joules t-shirt and a Ralph Lauren coat. Countried out 🙂

Since he was so well behaved we went shopping after and got him a little outfit from Marks and Spencer. I love their baby clothes! The prices are great value, the quality is excellent and I find the sizes spot on!

This is what we got him:




I was dead impressed with how cute this is going to look on! And the whole outfit for £17.00 at that quality is going to challenge many brands of the same level.

We had a fantastic day and fortunately the sun stayed out for us!



Squiggles and Giggles!

Today, on my quest to try out new experiences with my little…. Toddler (bear with me it hurts, the transition of calling him a toddler rather than a baby is quintessentially heartbreaking!!) we went to something fabulous!

In essence squiggles and giggles is an award winning (net mums winner) sensory/messy play group. Contradictory to this unembellished description of the group, it is so much more than that! It’s a fantastic facility, the group encompasses both the needs of inquisitive little minds in their own child centric play adventures and the opportunity for parents not to worry about their children running amock making a mess.

Today we joined the 15-24 month group, as my sons been walking since 9 months and is more than a little over-confident and boisterous and a typical “lad” he would fit in much better here! In reality he was more outgoing than some of the eldest children there! Mad! 33 weeks pregnant and I have that to contend with!

The activities there were phenomenal, so much mess I was living in fear of my life and my clothes, whilst I had packed spares and let Landon wear clothes I didn’t much care for I was still in my Farhi cashmere sweater and a pair of jeans that were comfortable enough not to want paint all over! Somehow they survived, daddy managed to get green paint all over his Manchester United hoodie, ha ha ha serves him right for wearing such a horrid teams apparel.

There was painting and drawing and sand play and squidgy wet balls of goo and rice and glitter and boxes and fabrics and a complete plethora of things which appealed wonderfully to my little boy.

Each session is based on a different theme, I promptly re-booked as even usually incredibly complacent and laid back daddy was impressed with the creative play, like a little serotonin boost to us all we left smiling and happy and tired! SCORE.

Details can be found at:
Squiggles and Giggles CIC

Whilst usually I fret and don’t like mess on my hands I could deal with this seeing how happy he was and luckily he didn’t want anything to do with any of the messier activities! Again! Score! Another bonus for mum! I fully encourage all mummies to find a sensory/messy play group for their child!

Collection of snaps below:























Our trip to the library and toy library!

Today I thought I would so something different to any of our normal activities! I thought I would take my toddler, 13 month Landon Joe, to the library!

Now I can’t say I have been to a library unless school/uni has required me to do so in a long time! I tend to buy a lot of books, I even digitally downloaded one onto my iPad mini. An experience I didn’t particularly enjoy! I’m old school. Paper, folded down corners and well thumbed books with flimsy spines.

My son loves books! I can’t say that it’s through my pushing either, I would love to have more time to sit down and read to him book after book. But in all honesty toddlers are hard to pin down especially the early walkers like mine who started at 9 month and I perhaps think now he’s got the hang of it better than me! There is just no stopping my energetic little guy! He’s had a good supply of books bought for him and they’re left in ease of access in toy boxes and in his playroom. I’ll often just find him thumbing through them himself. Thus, what better a resource to review and try out than my own local library.

Firstly, not impressive, it’s clear that the area doesn’t have an avid group of young readers, the building wasn’t well kept, and in all honesty I wouldn’t put money into unused facilities either. The library was completely empty! The lady gave us our new library cards and a book start pack for Landon that encouraged reading at any age and came with a gorgeous little passport to stamp everytime he checked something out! He now will get certificates for reading so many books! What a fab incentive, maybe the little passport is more catered for my taste than his, he wasn’t particularly bothered. But he did have fun looking at all the books and pulling a few out, these few we checked out on his very first “my first library card”. The librarian informed us of a fantastic baby/toddler reading session too to give us an afternoon activity to attend as well. Whilst the selection wasn’t great and the facilities weren’t well kept I can’t help but think the more people who bother with the local amenities the more that will be put back into the community! So in amongst buying everything I think a fortnightly library trip is in need!




After we ventured to the library the building beside it is called “station villa” it’s the local authorities children’s centre with a crèche, baby groups and messy play. Not to mention the TOY LIBRARY.

We checked this out today and again it was completely empty!! Such a fantastic resource in a town which has a large disparity gap between have and have nots. I would think at £1.00 membership for the year for the family and between £0.10 and £0.50p to loan an item for two weeks there would be people jumping at the chance.

The toys weren’t all the newest, there wasn’t all the new gadgets and there wasn’t a huge selection. But what was there was ample! It was a fantastic little gem I can’t help but think people should get the chance to appreciate more. A toy library! Again, something that would benefit from a more constant stream of traffic, the staff were keen to give us leaflets and join us up and come down to their play sessions. I got the feeling they were scarcely occupied. The building was quite dilapidated and it wasn’t our usually snazzy soft play dive but we signed up for the toy library and made promises to come back and loan out toys.

There was nothing that caught my sons eye today, probably due to the fact that he has too many toys of his own. But we will certainly be back to give the outside toys a go!






It’s certainly two places I would encourage all other mothers to have a scout at! It’s amazing what you find on your doorstep that you never knew existed!