Wyatt Wednesday/ weighloss Wednesday: 4 months old

Disclosure: below are images which could be construed in an inappropriate manner. However they are purely to show a body transition in an honest way. They aren’t shown on any other public forum. Do understand they are for a health a fitness purpose. Apologies if you find these distasteful however there is a minimal amount of flesh from a side view. Do remember viewing this blog is of your own accord and haters will be ignored. Thanks guys! Had to say it! Although it’s practically the same as a bikini

This is obviously a few days late now. Four months has gone by since my littlest addition made his way into the family. I am a mother of boys. Three. Ok two. But the husband being an adult is debatable! Sometimes he is more work than the little cherubs.

We’re now weighing in at 15lbs which is 6.8kg making wyatt firmly on the 50th centime mark now! And he’s certainly no lightweight! At 69 centimetres in length that makes him on the 99.6 centile! I certainly don’t make short children. Although my husbands about 6ft3 which may have more to do with it than my measly 5ft6.

He’s had his second set of immunisations today and is still chirpier than I would have expected! His routine is quite good. It could be improved upon but it’s ok for now. He goes to sleep at 8.30pm and then wakes up either once or not at all. Usually waking up around 8am again once he’s had a quick bottle at about 5 he comes in beside mummy for a few hours. And I never thought I would be the attachment parenting type! However he would never be allowed for the evening or if it wasn’t the morning just for the safety reasons and liking our own space.

He’s very vocal! He laughs, coo’s screams. Certainly has a good set of lungs on him and i can begin to hear he different noises within his vocal range and how some sound like mmmmmm’s and ahhhhhhs. It’s very odd to think the talking process really begins before even these first differentiated noises!










I’m really happy at the moment for how I’ve come along body wise in four months. I’ve been only horse riding in the last two months or so but really want to take up Pilates some more to tone and strengthen my core. I’m not looking on a scales because for me that would be more detrimental than helpful in most post partum journey. The most important thing for me is to achieve my goals the right way and not fall into obsessions about a number on a scale. I’ve been making a real effort to have salads and lighter lunches and making sure I grab breakfast to postpone the snacking that undoubtedly occurs. I really don’t drink any water just soda which is so awful for me. Next month I think will be a real detox and health kick for me to be on top form otherwise I’ll continue to eat and drink crap!

I hope everyone’s journeys post partum are going well and let’s emphasise that it’s never a contest it’s about supporting one an other on every small progress that they challenge themselves with as a mother!




Belated post #2 Thursday Madness

Thursdays have now just gotten a whole lot crazier! We have added a one to one swim lesson into the mix in the afternoon.

We started the day with a squiggles and giggles session. The session now starts a half an hour later and lasts for an hour and a half as opposed to just an hour. That session doesn’t suit a few of the former members so it was delightfully quiet! Yey!

This week was a fantastic themes if was space themed. There was so much messy play and so many ideas for at home I can’t even remember all of them!

As always everything is so perfectly themed to match the occasion. Ideally Thursdays are all about Landon. He had a great time and was even getting more involved with the paints. I like to try get one to one time with activities and get his mind focused on one thing for a little while here. It’s nice to see him stick into something he really enjoys its certainly calms him down when he has an outlet for all of that energy.






What really amused me today was how keen all of the children were to tuck into the Cheerios supposed to be for a sensory experience in a sand and water table! Silly kids! You’d think none of them were fed!


Swimming went great. I’m happy to pay for private lessons as it means I don’t have to worry about finding someone to join me with wyatt in the pool. It means the instructor can take him in and I can watch. I’m really looking to just boost his confidence and slowly work up to other things. Obviously once a week isn’t enough to create a great proficiency but it’s enough to keep his spirits high and happy to be in the water which is great for when we spend time abroad.

We even went to great grandmas in between activities, a friends afterward and then out for our tea! Was definitely ready for bed then.

Looking forward to another busy day next week! 🙂



Bye bye virginity…. And screaming toddlers

Bet you thought this post was going to be dead interesting. I think with the two children it’s safe to assume the virginity card flew out of the window a while ago.

I am indeed referring to my breastfeeding in public virginity.

Nailed it, owned it, did it, rocked it.

I attended my local breastfeeding support group. It’s a great little informal drop in where breastfeeding mummies can bring their children big or small, get their babies weighed and enjoy the freedom of a breastfeeding group to explore any questions with professionals and practice the art of feeding.

Ok so the latter isn’t a reason for the existence of the the group but it’s a great way to get practice.

I’d only used a big blanket and my pump and i had fed in front of one trusted friend who couldn’t care less what I was doing. Even then. Big blanket. Big top. Hidden baby. Hidden boob.

Breastfeeding support, answered some questions about my supply which I’m still fretting over. And I had a little chat to the mummies and peer support ladies.

Then I just whipped out my boob. Oh yes. The top came up the baby latched on and you know what, im disappointed in my audience. Not one person flinched, flackered or even accidentally looked! They’re all pro’s at maintaining eye contact. I had a few peeks at technique and if people covered and how they positioned in front of people.
Can’t believe no one was staring! Or applauding, no one cared. Pffttt and I made such a big deal of doing it, gave myself a little mental golf star!

I won’t be just whipping out my boob in public spaces but I’d feel much more confident using a nursing cover and just getting on with it. I actually think the cover may draw more attention.

After my adventure in breastfeeding I’ve discovered a few things. Firstly, people are always placing time limits on it. How long will you feed? How long have you fed? The best one is ARE YOU STILL BREASTFEEDING? I’m sorry why does it need to sound so doubting. It’s like people are just waiting for you to stop. And I know they mean no harm in asking about it it’s just the normal phrasing however it is a little agitating. Why should I be expected to almost fail, quit, give in. How long will I feed?

I don’t know I’d like to think another few weeks. I’m giving myself a mental star after every week of exclusive breastfeeding through contact and expression. It’s not really helping weight loss like I thought it would which was my entire reasoning. But I’ve ended up falling in love with it so much I can’t help but revel in the glory and glow its giving me.

I must also be making something decent as wyatt has gained 2 pounds in just over a week!!!!! Shock horror! Wyatt is now 8lbs 9oz.

I now am looking into becoming a peer support myself by doing a training course. I feel like I may be a welcoming face to young girls who aren’t sure or aren’t confident in feeding, I know I wasn’t keen on it as I didn’t think it was “cool” or the type of person who would do it.

In other news, my little toddler Landon is being super super cute with little brother. He gives him his dummy, lays down next to him, sits beside him, looks for him first when he comes into any room and today he started to sweetly wind him! Can’t believe it.

In addition to all of his niceness he’s decided to make bedtime difficult by screaming the house down in floods of tears when we leave him. Little touch of separation anxiety I’m sure that will pass but it’s meant having the willpower to just let him cry it out whilst going in every ten minutes to check, reposition, re dummy and provide more milk.